I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Otherworldly Cooking

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I will put even more fighting spirit into it and do my best!

It’s now been 7 days since the Goblin subjugation

It’s late at night, and we’re in the inn’s kitchen.

As promised to Fran, I’m here to cook her some food. Since the sight of a lightly floating sword cooking would certainly cause a commotion, Fran is here with me too.

The cooks said “If it’s late at night after the Dining Room is closed, then there’s no problem”, so we’ve properly received permission. With this, I’ll give my all at cooking!

『Chan Chan Chara Chachacharara~[M1]』


『Chanchara, Chan Chan Chan~』


『Welcome! It’s time for Otherworldly Cooking!』


Not understanding the meaning of my words yet still guessing the mood, Fran started clapping.

『The first meal today is… This!』


『Correct! Prepared for you today is minced meat from Rock Bison and Crash Boar: 30㎏ of each!』

Moreover, Rune Tulip bulbs that resemble onions, Golden Chicken eggs, breadcrumbs, and all sorts of spices were also prepared.

『Then, knead this Fran.』


『You should make use of what you have, right?』

「With this: able to eat Teacher’s cooking every day.」

『Considering your Titles, you should also be able to make good dishes.』

「Can’t make what I don’t know.」

『Ah, that’s right after all.』

What Fran wants to eat is Earth’s cooking, and no one but me can make that. Even if similar cooking is possible, in the end the degree of refinement would end up different.

So, with that I went on to chop the Rune Tulip bulbs. For the sake of cutting them into fine pieces, I’ve decided to use Aura・Blade.

So far, I had used myself after taking a thorough wash through boiling and purification magic, but… Still, I had used Demonic Poison Fang for slaying Demonic Beasts earlier, so a bit of anxiety still remains. Until now Fran’s shown no sign of bad conditions, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

The finely chopped Rune Tulips were carefully stir-fried in the frying pan.

『Mix together the minced meats, then make an onion-shaped ball. After that, add spices and keep on mixing.』

「Leave it to me.」

I also mixed the remaining minced meat with Telekinesis. When that was completed, 60㎏ worth of special-hamburger base was completed.

Honestly, I had a feeling that I went overboard, but… When it’s put into Dimensional Storage it won’t go bad, so it’s fine.

『Now let’s start grilling the hamburgers.』


Even using an enormous oven with Magic to shorten the process, it couldn’t be done in one go.

『In the meantime, the next step is to cut up all of these vegetable-like ingredients and put them into a stew.』


『Then, I’ll also begin cutting.』

The ingredients besides Demonic Beast flesh were arranged plentifully.

Affected by the ambiance of the town market, I now realize that I may had gotten a bit carried away. After following my instincts, I got completely swept up in buying ingredients… A large earthenware pot of Miso and Soy Sauce alongside a giant bag of spices were also bought. After that, several super-extra-large sized pots got purchased.

Because of that, another 100,000Gorudo ended up being used. Ha… Hahaha…

— No, it was for the sake of making delicious meals for Fran, so it was necessary!

『Now we add some water… And next, we’ll throw in the spices.』

I added heat with Magic while using Telekinesis and Magic to shred the vegetables like a mixer. When finished, it was a specially-made demi-glace. It smelt good, to say the least.

After that, tomato sauce, consomme soup, chicken bouillon and so forth were also made. At this point I’ve started instructing Fran on the ways to use the ingredients.

「Guro, guro.」

『Mhm. Keep stirring, just like that.』

Around the time the third batch of hamburgers were cooked, all the soup and sauces were completed.

Good, good. If there are matching seasonings at the market, then I’m able to make any cuisine!

I cover the hamburgers in demi-glace sauce and toss them into Dimensional Storage one after another. The plan is to have them available regardless of the time and place while still steaming hot.

In the same way, tomato juice and japanese ponzu flavored ones were made. Tyrant Tiger Stew, Deep Fried Blast Turtle, Dopple Snake Kabayaki, Fried Stone Spider, Stewed Rock Bison Tongue, Ginger Air-grilled Crash Boar, Sausages, Bacon, Jerky, Meat Miso and other such dishes were completed as well.

『Alright. The meat dishes are almost finished.』


Before long, dawn broke. We’ll end here today and continue tomorrow.


And so, we’re once again in the kitchen.

Today we’ll be doing fish-based cooking. — Well, even if I say that, I don’t have any fish ingredients other than the Madness Fish meat. I think I’ll turn it into

Nitsuke, Shioyaki and Tempura.

I also considered making some into Meunière, but as expected a Japanese should eat Japanese cuisine! Er… Not that I’d be eating it, of course.

Ah, by the way, about the poisonous swamp: it seems that our actions turned into some sort of ghost story about a suddenly-vanishing poisonous swamp. Ms. Nell knew that we did something, but it seems that she wasn’t the type of person who would spread that information to other Adventurers. Maybe we overdid it…

Oops, while thinking the Nitsuke finished. It’s got a good color to it.

Well, that’s about all for the main cooking, but we’re not finished yet.

Next are the side dishes. Let’s start off with soups. We’ll be re-using the soup-like things made yesterday, but this time we’ll fine-tune them with salt and pepper as well as throw in some other ingredients. A Consomme Soup with Sausages… Wouldn’t that be delicious?

Furthermore, making use of the Madness Fish bones, the Chinese Fish Dashi Soup was also completed.

Of course, I didn’t forget about Salad and Stir-Fried Vegetables either. The nutritional balance has to be enforced with an iron grip with Fran in her growth period. Related to that, her current state is quite worrying. Lately she’s gotten somewhat better-rounded, but compared to the other kids in town she still looks feeble. Furthermore, it feels like her height is little short… Meals are important, no matter what.


『No, it’s nothing. Next are the staple foods.』

Somehow, I had made light of Aressa’s market, as today I found myself surprised that even Rice was sold there. In this area, the Northern and Southern regions appear to meet, so Rice and Wheat-based items are both eaten.

The Rice is cooking quietly, in several earthenware pots we bought for its sake.

Of course, flour is also being made use of. Udon, Bread, Naan and Okonomiyaki, all such carbohydrate-parade foods were around. Bread could be found in the standard baguette type, but there were also the rectangular type that Japanese people love.

We also made Chinese Noodles, since Lye Water was also at the market.

I don’t think that any mistakes were made when kneading the noodles, since the process of making them went well because of the strange water. And so, Ramen, Yakisoba, and more could be made.

Now, since we have rice and Naan… That has to be made.

『Well then, next I was thinking of making a special dish.』


Hey, hey, your expectations are a bit too high if your eyes are gleaming like that… Well, I guess I’ll just need to do by best, huh?

「What is it?」

『It’s a special-hyper-ultra dish! Its name is ―― Curry!』

「Kuuree? What is it?」

『Fufufufu. Well, you’ll see.』

Curry was my favorite food back on Earth. Here, I don’t eat — not even a single sign of appetite has shown up thus far. But the feeling of wanting Fran to eat delicious food is there instead. Therefore: Curry needs to be made. We can’t go on without it.

『Break the spices like this.』


『It’s for the sake of making a delicious curry.』

「Cook it?」

『Right. While blending it, you keep on cooking.』


One hour later, 3 business sized pots filled to the brim with curry sit in front of us.

In the beginning, we finished with just a normal sized pot. Spices are expensive, after all.

However, after Fran taste tested the first batch, she kept on eating it at a dreadful pace. In the blink of an eye, we ran out. Afterwards, upon Fran’s continuous demands, all of the remaining spices were put towards making curry in vast amounts.

Sweet, mild, and scathing flavors were made, and the vegetables and meat were altered to fit. Even if I say so myself, they’re masterpieces. If we took them to Japan, I have absolute confidence that it would sell.

「I was born to meet this dish.」

『You like it that much?!』

「Thanks Teacher.」

『That feels like the most emotion-loaded “Thanks” I’ve received up until now…』

I have to make sure that Fran doesn’t eat only Curry from now on…

Counting all the dishes made in these 2 days, ~2000 portions should have been made. In other words, we’ve made over 1 year’s worth of food. However, contrary to her appearance Fran is a big eater, so the chances that it’ll disappear sooner than that is quite high.

Well, with this there won’t be any concerns about meals for a while at least.

「For now: second serving of curry.」

『But you just ate…』


『… It can’t be helped. Only one more serving, alright?』


Fran exercises properly, so just one more shouldn’t hurt… Right?

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