I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Rank up!

『OraOra! What color is your magic stone!』

It is now the 5th day since i have been reincarnated as a sword.

It was just after i had slain the 12th demon beast since morning that this happened.

【Self-evolution has activated.

Self-evolution points acquired : 10】

Immediately i check my status.

Self-evolution 【rank 2, Magic stone value 102/300, Memory 12 points 10】

The magic stone value has exceeded 100

「Oh, isn’t it early?」

When checking it this morning, the magic stone value should have only been at 80.

「Hmmm, The only difference since yesterday is that i moved to another hunting ground.」

Because i understood that i could fight without a problem, i moved my monster hunting grounds further from the ruins.

The enemies seem to become stronger as i leave the ruins, A 「Crash Boar」with a hammer like nose, An 「Iron Ant」which is a demon ant that can even crush rocks, Bigger and badder monsters appear frequently prowling the area.

They are also higher levels, possess more skills, and their magic stones are bigger.

『So, Size of the magic stone….. 』

『Perhaps, the magic stone from strong demons, has a value that isn’t 1?』

Yeah maybe.

In the first place, the magic stone of 「Crash Boar」of two meters, and the magic stone from the small fry goblin can’t be worth the same value.

『Will i confirm it a little in detail?』

My status has also improved.

Moreover, it improved more than you can imagine.

Attack power : 162 Magic power : 300 Endurance: 200

『Oh! this fellow is happy, If i keep absorbing the magic stones, becoming the world’s strongest sword is not just a dream! I’m also increasing the number of memories quietly. 』

Ok, Lets aim for the counter stop! *( TN counter stop is the highest level a skill can reach)*

『And… What is point 10 of the self-evolution?』

When leveling up, i seemed to get it.

I try to examine there in detail.

Oh? Some various items appeared.

Is it a list of skills?

A list of possible skill acquisition.

Attack power small rise, Durability value small rise, Telekinesis small rise, Sense talk small rise, Magic power small rise, Memory increase (small), skill level up, demon beast knowledge, plant knowledge, mineral knowledge.

Ooo? Though there are various kinds, is it that? Is it a bonus skill-like fellow?

I pick small increase in Magic Power, for the time being.

【Use 5 points, to acquire magic power small rise? Yes/No 】

Can i get it really? It’s YES of course!

【You have acquired Magic Power small rise】

Then the self-evolution points decreased to 5, and magic power small rise was added to the skill list.

Furthermore, my MP went up by 100!

Self-evolution sensei is great~! What next? I want everything, but i don’t have enough points.

This time, i try to choose the skill level up.

As for this, surprisingly it seemed to be able to make a memory skill i possessed at present increase in level.

But, i seem to have to choose a skill separately.

When i tried choosing fencing it required 2 points.

Everything was tried but in the end everything was 2 points to level up.

However, poison fang seemed to take 5 points.

Floating also required 5 points. What is the difference, i wonder if poison fang and floating are 5 points because they do not have a level.

Umu. i am at a loss in various ways, but I’ll choose Attack power small rise here.

It would be the most effective against the demon animals.

And, after attack power small rise was added my Attack Power rose by 50.


With this, I came to look forward to increasing the magic stones value.

『”Yoshi!”, A motivation came! I’ll hunt demons around here, hunt and hunt exhaustively! 』

So I’ve decided, let’s take action at once!

I glide triumphantly, through the plains.

Looking for monsters from the sky and striking them down on discovery.


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