I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Its Name is Urushi

Fran disappeared.

She disappeared by getting caught in a Transition Trap that one of Clad’s companions set off!

The weapons of the two others who were caught in the trap were also left in place, just like I was. Not only their Spears, Daggers and Throwing Knives were also left behind. Similarly, Fran’s throwing equipment alongside the Dagger of the Sovereign Serpent fell beside me as well.

「Forced cancellation of equipped weapons…?」

「Even the spare weapons were left behind…」

I had heard about the range of the Transition Trap beforehand, but they even force the cancellation of equipped weapons? If the trap was that dangerous, why wasn’t that mentioned in the explanation?! Shit, for even the registration to disappear…! P-Please… Stay alive… No, it’ll be alright. She should be alright.

What can I do? There must be some way to look for Fran…… There should be something capable of doing so in my various Detection Skills!

「Ridiculous! I’ve ne’er heard a’ such a brutal trap existin’ in this Dungeon!」

「That ain’t a trap that should be in a Dungeon of this Rank!」

Cruz was also caught by surprise. Apparently, the trap doing this really was a bolt out of the blue.

「…… I think I know how this happened.」

「What, what do you know?」

「The Trick Spiders have a Highbreed variant called the Trickster Spider, which are known to have trap remodeling Skills.」

Trap remodeling Skills? In other words, they can modify the traps in the Dungeon? What a troublesome Demonic Beast! Even more, the they’re Highbreeds of Trick Spiders? Isn’t that bad?

「It was already irregular that Trick Spiders showed up, right? If Trickster Spiders are present as well, it’s not a huge surprise.」

「Ku… Izel, the Map!」

「I’ve already checked it. If the terrain’s remained the same, there should be a small room up ahead.」

「I’m going!」

After picking up the Dagger of the Sovereign Serpent and I, Amanda breaks into a run. I’ll remain quiet for now.

Spiders in the surroundings pounce at Amanda all at once. Oi, oi. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet! Without Grace of the Spirits, Amanda won’t be able to revive! Even if it’s Amanda, this number is–!



Amanda’s right hand blurs, and even the Spiders that hadn’t jumped at her in the surroundings burst open instantly. One strike. With only one strike, the Spiders were wiped out. I’ve made lightly of Amanda yet again. I wasn’t even able to see her attack just now. Like this, she never got serious in her battle with Fran either, huh.

After a minute, we arrive at the small room. Naturally, we do so without triggering any traps.


「Victor! Bart!」

However, there was no one else inside the room.

「Even the destination of the Transition Trap was changed, it seems…」

「Shit! Th’ hell are we gonna do?!」

「We should split up and look around. However, it’d be nothing but suicide if we divided our numbers too much in the current situation. Izel, Clad, members of Roar of the Dragon and I will form a unit. Rigg and the Eyes of the Forest will form the second. Finally, Amanda will move herself, with that, we’ll have three groups.

「G-Got it.」

「Let’s go!」

With that, the Adventurers move out… But Amanda stays in place. Leaning me against the wall, she closes her eyes and concentrates. It doesn’t seem like she’s using Wind Magic…

Ah, she must be thinking about a method of searching for Fran. I can’t just leave this situation to the Adventurers. I have to do my best as well.

Telepathy is — useless. Because my Equipment Registration has been cut off, my connection to Fran was completely severed. Usually, thanks to that connection I would be able to use Telepathy even if she was far away, but… I can’t feel Fran right now. To become so uneasy simply by having our connection dissipate…! No, the anxiety Fran is feeling likely trumps mine, I must calm down!

If only I had an Art related to Transition, or something like a spatial leap… Anything would be fine so long as I could fly to Fran. Or, perhaps a Skill that can return Fran to me…… Are there any good Spells that can be used?

No, wait. Pulling Fran back just might be possible with Summon Kin. Fran is contracted by me, so even if our Equipment Registration was dissolved, the contract remains! And, I think I can say that Fran is my kin……

However, I’ve neglected verifying Summon Kin’s effects after its level had risen. I couldn’t summon anything when it was Level 1, and even after its level improved, because I don’t make contracts I figured it would be a waste of time. Thus, I didn’t check. However, things may have changed with the Skill’s raise in level. Even if the possibility is small, I’m clinging at straws here.

Is Fran’s name here–?


Fran’s name isn’t listed, but instead the list of ‘kin’ I can summon are a bunch of individuals that I don’t know about.

Summonable Kin: Wolf, Gray Wolf, Brown Wolf, Red Wolf, Blue Wolf, Green Wolf, Yellow Wolf, Black Wolf, Ruby Wolf, Emerald Wolf, Thunder Wolf, Onyx Wolf

What on earth is this? A wolf festival? I don’t understand. I don’t remember contracting such beings at all.

For now, I should look at the details of each individual.

The first Wolf is just a common wolf. The Grey and Brown Wolves are simply wolves that evolved from regular wolves after specializing in AGI and STR respectively. The Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Wolves are wolves that can control the attributes of Fire, Water, Wind and Soil respectively. The Black Wolf controls Darkness and Poison.

The Ruby Wolf is the Flame attribute Highbreed of a Red Wolf. Similarily, Emerald is the Storm attribute, and the Thunder Wolf is Lightning. The Onyx Wolf seems to be a Highbreed of the Black Wolf with control over the Darkness, Poison, and Ghost attributes.

Although there’re various other features, my eyes remain on one of the abilities of the Onyx Wolf. That is, the Life Perception Skill! Moreover, the Red Wolf and any proceeding wolves have the Echolocation and Keen Smell Skills. So, if it’s an Onyx Wolf, will it be able to find Fran?

With that thought, I decide to choose the Onyx Wolf instead of the others.

『――Summon・Onyx Wolf!』

To make sure that a strong individual appears, I pour the maximum amount of MP into the summon. I don’t know how much of an effect it’ll have, but…


From a magic formation appearing out of thin air, a Wolf with jet-black fur springs out.

I-It’s a bit bigger than expected. Considerably so. I thought it would be about the size of a big dog, but…… This fellow is more comparable to the size of a cow.

「An Onyx Wolf? In a place like this…?」

Dangerous. I completely forgot about Amanda. She’s super surprised. Eh? If it’s like this, then won’t it just be subjugated…?

It’s releasing a terrific amount of magic from its entire body while growling all the while as a form of intimidation… No matter how you look at it, this wolf is a hostile Demonic Beast!


Please stop. Why are you growling so much? And stop releasing your magic!

『Oi, stop growling! Behave yourself!』


It’s no use. It’s like it’s not even listening. Should I try even harder to persuade it? Or rather, why does it look like it’s suffering? Just what’s going on?


Race:Onyx Wolf:Demonic Wolf:Demonic Beast

State:Contracted, Magic Power Discharge

Status: Level 1

HP:319 MP:313 STR:146 END:156 AGI:251 INT:103 MGC:201 DEX:128

State:Magic Power Discharge? That is–! That must be the reason why its magic is being dispersed all the time! Ah, is that because of me? Is it because I put too much magic power into the summoning?

〈Will you perform〈Christening〉on the Onyx Wolf?〉

At a time like this?! Should I give it a name? Let me see, a name… A name…

『Your name is Urushi[1]!』

Jet Black contains the character Urushi[2], and the dark red hairs occasionally mixed in with its mane is also associated with the lacquer tree. Furthermore, the wolf has control over the Poison attribute, which relates to how a lacquer tree can give one a rash. Even though I thought about it in the spur of the moment, I think it’s a good name.

〈〈Christening〉of the Onyx Wolf complete〉

〈Onyx Wolf is evolving〉

Eh? Evolution? I only named it, though? What’s going on? Is it because its magic is running out of control? Can someone explain what’s happening?

As I thought such things, the Onyx Wolf in front of me transformed just as the announcement said it would.

〈Urushi has evolved into a Darkness Wolf〉


It’s lively all of a sudden. Is its magic discharge alright?


Race:Darkness Wolf:Demonic Wolf:Demonic Beast


Status: Level 1

HP:451 MP:670 STR:216 END:217 AGI:310 INT:202 MGC:441 DEX:208


Darkness Resistance:Lv8, Darkness Magic:Lv1, Keen Smell:LvMax, Stealth:Lv7, Fang Techniques:Lv5, Fang Arts:Lv5, Shadow Lurk:LvMax, Shadow Movement:Lv5, Aerial Jump:Lv8, Dread:Lv4, Vigilance:Lv6, Conceal Presence:Lv6, Playback:Lv5, Decay Magic:Lv1, Instantaneous Movement:Lv5, Action Muffling:Lv6, Ghost Magic:Lv5, Life Perception:Lv7, Mental Resistance:Lv6, Poison Magic:LvMax, Echolocation:Lv7, Roar:Lv8, Night Cover:LvMax, Dark Magic:LvMax, Night Vision, Sovereign Toxic Fangs, Automatic HP Recovery, Automatic MP Recovery, Poison Immunity, Shapeshift, Magic Manipulation

Unique Skills:

Predation Absorption


Kin of the Sword, Kin of the Wolf God


A Highbreed Wolf Demonic Beast capable of manipulating the Darkness attribute. Its Status is low compared to other Demonic Beasts of the same rank, but its Skill and Magic diversity is top-class. With many Skills related to stealth, especially the ability to hide and move within shadows, these Demonic Beasts are very difficult to find. Their existence has been confirmed, but there have been very few discoveries. Threat Level C.

Magic Stone Location:Heart Cavity

This fellow is huge. It was already quite large as an Onyx Wolf, but now it’s at least twice that size. Onyx was cattle-rank, but the tip of a Darkness Wolf’s foot to their shoulder exceeds 3 meters.

A sense of dignity flows from its deep, gold eyes as it glares at the surroundings. Its fangs are as sharp as daggers, and its limbs are more burly than even a bear’s. Its black hair is the only thing that it kept through its evolution, sparkling with a peculiar gleam. Ir resembles the sky of a starry night, shimmering depending on the angle it’s seen from, and holding a mysterious beauty.

In addition, it’s quite strong. Its Threat Level is C. Also, as its description said, its stealth-related Skills are quite considerable, with an Assassin-like Skill configuration. Its magic is also quite substantial.

When I compare it to the Tyrant Saber of the same rank it’s inferior physically, but their magic are leagues apart. That’s how it is.

「Abrupt evolution? Could this be… A Darkness Wolf? It’s my first time seeing one…」

For even Amanda to only see it for the first time, is a Darkness Wolf that rare?

「Moreover, there’s a flow of magic connected to Fran’s sword?」

Ugee… It was completely seen through! The danger towards Urushi fell, but I have a feeling that her interest towards me rose in return…

「Amazing… I knew that it was a Magic Sword, but to think that it was a Demonic Beast Weapon…… Furthermore, you don’t see one with a Demonic Beast of Threat Level C lodged inside every day.」

Demonic Beast Weapon? Judging by her words, it seems to be a weapon that Demonic Beasts reside within. Hmm, so there’re weapons like that too…

Ah, not now, Fran!

『Urushi, can you understand me? If you do, raise your right paw.』



Urushi raises its right forepaw.

『Next, your left hind leg.』


『Alright, this time raise your left forepaw and right hind leg at the same time. Can you do that?』


Well, it seems that it can understand my words. In addition, I feel that I can understand Urushi’s feelings somehow or another. A sense of motivation is currently coming from it. Perhaps that’s thanks to Telepathy?

I’ll disregard Amanda muttering「C-Cute…」for now.

『Do you know where Fran is? She is my wielder.』


Urushi smells me with a *kun-kun*, then closes its eyes for a couple of seconds and howls *woo-woo*. It seems to have been using its Skills one way or another.



Urushi howls loudly before biting onto my handle and lifting me up.

『I’m not heavy?』


Because I’m in its mouth its bark sounds a bit silly, but because Urushi is huge, even if I’m being lifted with its mouth there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

With that, Urushi runs through the cave with a terrifying speed. Please be safe, Fran!

『Alright Urushi, hurry!』



There’s an Author’s note about the Transition Traps here, apologizing that their range wasn’t fully described (i.e. they work as an AoE Trap rather than a Single-Target Trap), which was already changed when I Translated said chapters.

There’s also a note regarding the reason it wasn’t described in detail which, in summary, is because of the Author’s irl stuff.

Because we’re inhabitants of the future, I won’t translate that stuff.

[1] Urushi is the raw translation of ‘ウルシ’, which was left that way without being compounded as ‘漆’. The proper translation for both is Lacquer, or more specifically Lacquer Trees, which will explain the proceeding lines.

[2] Urushi = 漆. Jet Black = 漆黒.


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