I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Heading for Fran

Author’s Note:

It’s a bit short, sorry.

Urushi, who is holding me in its mouth, runs vigorously. Will I be able to reunite with Fran just like this? No, wait, isn’t this bad?

「Wait! There’s a trap!」

Amanda shouts such words from behind. The worst possible outcome would be to have a Transition Trap activate right now.

『Urushi, because there’re traps here be careful!』


『You’re unconcerned?』

That’s right, it has Aerial Jump Lv8, doesn’t it. So long as it doesn’t step on the trap, it won’t be activated. Furthermore, there seems to be magical power within Urushi’s eyes. I believe it’s Dark Magic, but… Hmm.

Perhaps it’s a magic that allows one to see the locations of traps? That would explain why Urushi occasionally makes unnatural movements, seemingly avoiding something. Well, regardless, it seems that it has a trap-sensory system in place.

No traps have been activated at all thus far. However, after running about 300 meters from the small room, Urushi suddenly stops in place.



『Where is Fran?』

Urushi places me on the ground and sits down in place.


『Not *hah-hah* –』


All of a sudden, Urushi starts scratching at the wall, digging with great vigor.

『Eh? Is she perhaps on the other side of that wall?』


「Is Fran over there, by any chance?」

With a face of astonishment, Amanda approaches. Or rather, how the heck did she manage to keep up with Urushi?! — No, in terms of AGI Amanda should be higher, so perhaps that’s only natural?


Using Storm Magic, Amanda shatters the wall.

『A hidden passage!』

「This Dungeon… It’s because of places like this that I hate it. Even detection spells from Wind Magic wouldn’t have worked.」

This place must be an end location for Transition Traps, one meant solely for imprisoning people.

I’ve searched for presences within, but I can only feel signs of Spiders. Is she really there? I can only feel an indescribable sense of unease.

『Urushi, go!』


Urushi uses Aerial Jump and runs nimbly over the ground.


Amazing, Urushi! She really was here! I can see Fran!


『S-She is… Fighting…?』

Fran was at the far end of the passage, alive and moving.

However, she was surrounded by small spiders. Spider larvae, most likely. Those spiders clustered around Fran one after another. Even if they’re weak alone, their number is clearly dangerous!

『Urushi, hurry!』


However, I notice something strange. In Fran’s hand is something akin to a dagger, a weapon that she shouldn’t have had. What is that? Fran should have been unarmed… Was luck on her side, allowing her to find it from a treasure chest?

No, that’s not the case. It seems to be the Hidden Claw Necklace that we took from Gyuran. If it’s imbued with magic power a dagger-like claw protrudes from the inside, but its efficiency isn’t good.

『Run away, Fran!』

It’s no use. She’s not within the range of Telepathy yet. But why is she not running away…? The reason why Fran refused to escape despite being surrounded by spiders was clear after taking a closer look.

Behind her were the figures of two fallen Humans. They were Clad’s party members who had transitioned together.

Fran was trying to protect them.


Damn, these small fry spiders are irritating! Even if I try to use Magic, because these guys’ webs are in the way the spiders surrounding Fran wouldn’t be affected in the slightest.

『The level of your Sword Arts is low, Fran!』

Fighting in such a state is suicide!

I could only watch as spiders jumped on Fran. Not good! The current Fran can’t fight that number of — no. She can…?

Her movements are certainly slower, but the way she’s wielding the blade isn’t that bad. She cuts down a small spider and dodges the shot threads nimbly. Was Sword Arts Lv1 ever that strong? Ah, another one was cut down.

However, the cluster of small spiders remains on the offensive. Climbing along the wall, they’ve started aiming for the fainted Adventurers this time. Fran makes use of the Hidden Fang immediately, but it isn’t enough to stop the spiders. All at once, the Spiders pounce.

『Fran, don’t be reckless!』

Using her body as a shield, Fran puts her life on the line to protect the adventurers. With that, the fangs of the small spiders make their way into Fran’s flesh.

Blood…! Furthermore, a big one has…! A parent spider?!

With the parent spider’s momentum, she was thrown to the ground.


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