I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Exceeding the Limit


There’s an Author’s Note about how Fran’s Sword Arts was mistakenly Lv7 back when she was introduced and that it’s been changed.

At the current time, the change has already been made, so… Enjoy.

Fran was overwhelmed by the parent spider. From the spider’s mouth, sharp fangs are clearly visible.

The moment I saw those… My thoughts became seething.

Will I be explosed to Amanda? Just what are you worrying about, foolish me! Focus on what’s important!

『UOOooooo! Mooveee!』



*Kyuiiiiin — BOboOBoOBoON!*

Urushi launches jet black arrows that mow down the spiders, and my spear of flame pierces through the obstructive cobwebs, setting them on fire in the process.

A little less than 20 spiders were obliterated all at once.


However, that was all.

Even more Spiders squirmed out at the end of the passage. Their flame resistance was considerably higher when compared to Trap Spiders.

『In that case――』

I’ll just have to pierce through with Telekinesis Catapult! It had been 10 seconds since we found Fran, and since that time I’ve continued stockpiling Telekinesis. Doing so was subconscious. It had already been ingrained as a habit. Just like how a Swordsman would place their hand on their blade’s handle at the first signs of battle, I stored Telekinesis.

However, until now I had hesitated to release it. I was mindful of Amanda, after all.

But it wasn’t just that, either. Somewhere down the line I had started feeling that it would be useless. Because I clashed against the spiders of this Dungeon, I know firsthand the hardness of the spiders and the strength of their webs. And so, I came to the understanding that a simple Telekinesis Catapult wouldn’t be enough to reach Fran.

And so, what was I to do?

『Just exceed the limit!』

I actually put the power of my usual Telekinesis Catapults to the ‘limit’ every time. They genuinely make use of my ‘full power’.

However, is there really a limit? No. There has never been such a thing.

The ‘limit’ I’ve used thus far was placed by myself to secure a margin of safety. It was a limit placed so that I could come out of the attack unscathed. So, if that’s how it is, then I’ll simply remove the limiter.

Exceed the limit!

My magic power rushes wildly into my blade. Even I don’t know how much magic I’ve channeled anymore! However, I’m still in control!

Not yet. I need more power! I cloak myself in flames using Sword Attribute, bringing it to the limits of my magic as well!

My blade becomes red-hot, glowing in the dark cave. Urushi, feeling the immense heat, releases me. I’ve reached a temperature that’s started to slightly melt my blade, so that was obvious.

The spiders coming from the passage, sensing the oncoming catastrophe, spew thread towards me… But it’s useless. Just by approaching my scathing form, the threads burn up and disappear.

『You spiders are a hindrance! Get out of my way!』


I set off the accumulated Telekinesis, resulting in an explosion.

With unprecedented acceleration, I incinerate and pierce through the wall of spiderwebs. The multitude of strong cobwebs that had been set up were like paper. Even with the hard shell of a spider, once touched by my flames they became nothing but cinders.

If it was the usual Telekinesis Catapult, I would have been trapped in the thread halfway through… But not this time. With the intensity of the heat and shockwave, any spiders in my path were crushed.

And with that, I was able to pass through the defensive wall built by the spiders. Just as I did so, I invoked Telekinesis Catapult once more. However, this time it was facing the opposite direction.


Presently, I’m a cannonball. Even if I don’t hit something directly, destruction spreads through the shockwave alone. And so, if I got too close to Fran she would also be damaged. Therefor, my solution is to use Telekinesis to slam on the brakes. The cobwebs can also be used for this purpose.

『Get away from Fran, you damn spider!』

I rush directly to the parent spider and, as usual, pierce its magic stone. Overcome by the Telekinesis, the spider can only convulse before being blown away.

After that, I use Recovery Magic on Fran immediately.


It’s a low-grade spell, but it prioritizes speed. She should be safe for the time being.

Now, how is she?

Name:Fran Age:12

Race:Black Cat Beastman

Job:Magic Swordsman

State:Contracted・Poisoned (Deadly)・Light-headed

Status: Level:25

HP:106/250 MP:31/166

STR:120 END:109 AGI:110

INT:75 MGC:87 DEX:88


Stealth:Lv1, Court Etiquette:Lv4, Presence Perception:Lv1, Sword Techniques:Lv1, Sword_Arts:Lv3, Instantaneous Movement:Lv1, Cooking:Lv1, Insect Slayer, Vigor Manipulation, Goblin Slayer, Mental Stability, Demon Slayer, Skinning Expert, Indomitable Resolve, Directional Sense, Night Eyes


Match for a Thousand, Insect Slayer, King of Dismantling, Master of Recovery, Goblin Slayer, One who Slaughters, Skill Collector, Dungeon Conquerer, Big Game Devourer, Demon Slayer, Master of Fire, Master of Wind, King of Cooking

Inflicted with Deadly Poison and Light-headedness, her remaining HP is 106. I need to heal her at once! Frantically, I use Antidote and Greater・Heal, bringing her to a perfect condition.

『Fuu… I can feel relieved with this……』

Just in case, I use Heal and Antidote on Clad’s comrades, too. They’re idiots who rolled up Fran in their own mistakes, but I’ll forgive them for the sake of Fran who risked her life for them.

For now, it seems she’s fallen asleep, but what happened to the other spiders, I wonder?


『Urushi, when did you–! Ah! Shadow Movement, huh.』

How dangerous, being able to surprise even me. I had completely forgotten! If we had made use of its Shadow Movement, it would have been far easier to arrive here……

In the middle of the pile of spiders Urushi exterminated, it held something in its mouth. Oi, isn’t that a spider leg?!

Haa… Just thinking about the food expenses for this fellow is going to give me a headache…

Well, it’s good that it annihilated them at least.

『Fran. Fran?』

「…… Nn?」

『Are you awake?』


『Ou. Everything’s alright.』

「The spider?」

『It’s gone.』

「I see.」

That reminds me, when I looked at Fran’s Status she achieved Sword Arts Lv3. She even gained Sword Techniques and Vigor Manipulation. Incidentally, Instantaneous Movement and Cooking also showed up. When we met, she didn’t have such Skills. It seems that even with me Equipped, Fran will still gain proficiency.

Furthermore, even when the Set Skills disappeared her Titles remained. Master of Fire, for example.

However, isn’t her growth quite fast? In a month, her Sword Arts has improved by two Levels… Perhaps that’s due to my influence? Maybe using high-level Skills has a good effect on the growth of Skills in general?

Regardless, her gaining Skills is of little importance right now. Even without them, Fran’s fighting spirit still would have persisted, even while poisoned and surrounded by spiders.

『You did well.』

「Teacher: tattered.」

『Well… Only a little.』

The compensation for using magic power beyond the limit of a regular Telekinesis Catapult was larger than I thought.

Combined with the magic I used to slow myself down, I consumed more than 1,200 MP. That’s more than four times the cost of a usual Telekinesis Catapult. On top of that, I only have 800 Durability remaining. Even with using Telekinesis used to slow down my momentum, that much damage was still taken. It would have been dangerous if I collided with a firm obstacle at that speed.

A deep crack has spreads through the middle of my blade, and the parts that had been melted by heat have become black. I’m partially destroyed without a doubt. If a common sword became like this, disposal would be immenent.

『When a bit of time passes, I’ll recover.』


『Hey, hey, what’s with that face?』

「My fault.」

『That’s not the case. It’s the result of my foolishness. I should have controlled myself a bit more.』

It was more difficult to control magic beyond the usual limit than I thought. To be frank, it was difficult to adjust the amount of magic power I made use of.

However, through this event I think I’ve found the true value of the Sorcery Skill. So far, I’ve been looking at it as a substitute for a high rank Magic Perception Skill that can increase the power of Magic by raising the degree of magic power imbued.

However, it’s more than that. Because it allows me to understand the flow of magic, I can imbue magic power beyond natural limits, and because I can understand the flow of magic, I can just barely control it. An overboost of magic is possible, so to speak. Doing so is a double-edged sword, however.

『Well, it’s fine so long as you’re safe.』

「Thank you.」

The deep impression of a teacher and pupil reuniting. That was the atmosphere that should have been given off… If no one else was around, that is.

「H-Hey… Did that sword move on its own? Moreover, it seemed to have shouted several times…… It used magic as well, and–」

I forgot about Amandaー! Well, I was prepared for this to some extent, but I completely forgot about her halfway through!

I got too impatient and shouted through Telepathy… Even though it usually only reaches who I intend it to… At the time, it was transmitted in all directions. Naturally, Amanda would have heard my voice.

I even used magic to fly via Telekinesis, so…


「Ah, wait. It’s alright. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. I’m sorry.」


「It’s just, I asked you unconsciously. So, only tell me if you really want to. Everyone has their own circumstances.」

Even if you say that, you definitely heard me speak, right? What’s the point in hiding it? There is none, right?


『Fran, do you want to tell Amanda?』


You’ve taken to her quite a bit, huh. Well, I had felt that was the case after the mock battle, but… Well, if Fran wants to tell her, I won’t object.



「It’s like this ――」

– 3 Minutes Later –

Amanda is unreasonably excited.

「When you’re talking about Intelligent Weapons, they’re the weapons that make their own decisions, the things that’re mentioned in fairy-tales, right? Kyaa! They really exist!」

She’s surprised after seeing one for the first time. Intelligent Weapons are rare, as expected.

However, it seems that part of the reason for her high spirits stems from the fact that she was confided in with such a deep secret.

「Thank you for telling me, Fran! And… Teacher?」


「Amazing… You really can speak~」

『Well, please treat me well from now on.』

「Yes. Same here! I’ll take the secret of you two to the grave! Also, consult me about anything you have trouble with, alright? I’ll help Fran’s friends anytime.」


「I have the Title Guardian of Children, feel free to rely on me as well, alright?」

「Thank you.」

「Aーh, so cuーte! If it’s for Fran, I’ll do anything!」

Well, it’s good that we confided in her. I didn’t really want to do something so boorish, but I made use of Law of Lies as well. All of Amanda’s words are true. In other words, Amanda really would do anything for Fran.

『How nice, Fran.』


「Ahh, but I really want Fran to know that flustered feeling Teacher was giving off before striking the spider~! I was surprised to hear『Fran, don’t be reckless!』coming from a sword, you know?」

「Teacher: flustered?」

『O-Ou. I’m ashamed.』

「Because Wolfie[1] jumped without warning, I couldn’t provide cover fire with magic, too. It’d get caught up in it if I did… I was quite flustered, myself~!」


I’m 100% no-good! In a haste-ridden panic I made error after error! There should have been way more methods to choose from! I should have requested Amanda for help or used Urushi’s Shadow Movement from the beginning…!

Haa… Not just Fran, I have a lot to learn too…

[1] Amanda calls Urushi ‘Wolf-chan’ (オオカミちゃん) here.


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