I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The Core Room


The Author made a note of changing one of Amanda’s lines in Chapter 53, but it’s just a grammatical error.

They also changed the Trickster Spider’s threat level from C to D in Chapter 54. Because these changes were already made prior to this Translation, I won’t bother translating them.

※ ※ ※

After exterminating the spiders our party made its way to the Dungeon Core room.

「That over there is the Magic Ore.」

「Hooh. So this is Magic Ore in its purest form? It’s quite amazing.」

「Ain’t this th’ same as a pile a’ treasure?!」

Clad’s eyes shine as he rushes towards the Magic Ore.


「Don’t you laugh, damn it! Jus’ who d’you think is at fault fer this!」

「Your life-saver.」


「The cost of life.」

「I-I know already!」

Clad’s hair had been burnt from Fran’s Fire Magic, so it was shaved off. However, because it was a bit hard to cut it all using a dagger, several places remained unshaven. It’s amusing to look at, no matter how many times I see it. The fact that we could have solved his hair issue using Greater・Heal is a secret.



Every time Amanda and Fran looked towards him, they fought a losing battle against their withheld laughter.

「Yeah, yeah. Now then, Ms. Amanda: please collect the Magic Ore.」


「Everyone who has an Item Bag, please do so as well.」


Anyways, there sure is a lot of it. The Core room is completely filled with high-purity Magic Ore ingots. If I’m not mistaken, Magic Ore is quite precious, and is useful when making weapons.

「I’m sure you’re all aware, but information regarding this place is confidential. Upon speaking about it the Pledge will immediately be broken, thus notifying not only the Guild, but the Country as well. That being the case, please be careful.」

「We had no problem entering because we had permission, in the case an outsider enters the vicinity a Barrier would immediately detect them.」

「Fran should be careful too, ok? Otherwise the Guild Master will become noisy.」

「Why go so far?」

「Well, there’s a lot of Magic Ore here, right?」


「That’s exactly why. Characteristics between Dungeons Cores vary, most notably regarding the amount of magic power needed to produce certain items. In this Dungeon, Magic Ore with high purity can be created with very little magic power.」

I see, so that’s why it isn’t open to the public.

After all the Magic Ore was packed away, Cruz took a look at the Core’s settings. If its state is as normal, only Trap Spiders should be listed as spawns.

「How is it, Cruz? Are all the Trick Spiders exterminated?」

「It’s reported back more than one species.」

Although their numbers were significantly reduced, the Trick Spiders weren’t fully subjugated. In this case, if we leave them alone they’ll just start breeding again. It’s also possible that another Trickster Spider is out there. If we leave things as they are, not only will the difficulty of the Dungeon be raised, but the recovery of Magic Ore will become considerably harder as well.

There is, however, a good point to leaving the situation as it is.

In comparison to Trap Spiders, the materials from Trick Spiders are more useful, and thus more expensive. If they’re recovered on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be bad by any means. Furthermore, the Trick Spiders provide more magic power to the Core. As a result, the production of Magic Ore would also be influenced positively.

「Well, in cases like this ain’t it better t’ leave th’ decision t’ th’ Guild?」

「That’s indeed the case. On top of that, we’ll have to report the finding of Human Bones.」

As it happens, we ended up finding what seemed to be brand-new bones within the hall we exterminated the hoard of spiders in. Moreover, there were enough for almost 10 people. Judging by their condition, we arrived at the conclusion that the individuals had died one or two months ago.

And yet, according to Cruz, reports of deaths in this Dungeon hadn’t occurred for several years.

So, just where did all of those bones come from? A Barrier that perceives intruders made by an A Rank Adventurer with the nickname ‘Barrier Salesman’ is in effect at the Dungeon’s entrance, so it should have been difficult for anyone to get in without permission, and yet… Well, it’s quite the mystery.

「Then, for now let’s return.」


In regards to the journey back, there weren’t any particular problems. Fran was defeated in a mock battle against Amanda again.

Urushi joined in as well, but both of them were beaten up. That being said, their cooperation improved considerably thanks to that battle; even Amanda was surprised.

Urushi’s fighting style has a high level of versatility. First is in regards to its Magic. With the ability to use both Dark Magic and Poison Magic, it can play an active role through both frontal attacks, and attacks from unusual angles.

Second, with its Fang Techniques its direct attacks aren’t something to scoff at. In particular, its use of Shadow Movement is terrific. It’s the kind of surprise attack that a Fiend would use, but in Urushi’s case, it’s actually more efficient. It can attack using Dark Magic without exposing its body by hiding inside of shadows, and its ability to transition in and out of Fran’s shadow at unexpected times could be seen as downright dirty. The distance it can transition in is a bit short, but that’s not much of a problem in combat.

If the Demon from a while back could utilize magic in this way, we would have had no choice but to run away.

Anyways, as thanks for the training, we were taught a bit about about〈Christening〉. As a result, it was discovered that the reason for Urushi’s evolution was undoubtedly Christening. Still, Fran had given me a name, so why was it that nothing happened?

Through Amanda’s explanation, I figured that out as well.

Christening is essentially the act of a higher-ranked individual giving a name to a subordinate or retainer. However, not only a name is gained. Through Christening, something akin to a contract is formed, strengthening the connection between both parties’ souls.

The receiver of the name has their potential released, resulting in a raise in Status among a variety of other benefits.

In the case of Fran and I, she wasn’t regarded as a higher ranked individual. So, while I gained a name, the act of receiving it wasn’t exactly the same as taking part in the Christening ritual.

In Urushi’s case, its potential was let loose and it evolved. Furthermore, it fully received the excess magic power that was running rampant in its body. In the case that I put off Christening… It most likely would have gone out of control, only to be subdued by Amanda. I’m very sorry, Urushi. You were in quite the pinch.

Anyways, the information I wanted to know most — the reason why Demonic Beasts of the Wolf type appeared in Summon Kin — remains unknown. I managed to infer a little, but there’s just not enough information.

I’d like to research that alongside more detailed information on Magic in the library but… Well… Places where one has to sit still for long periods of time are Fran’s weak point.

I suppose when it comes to fishing she’d be able to manage, though. Most things seem possible at the mention of all-you-can-eat curry.

Mhh. On the note of food, the size of the servings she’s been eating have been increasing lately. She’ll be dashing straight into the Gluttonous Character archetype if I leave it alone… I should definitely reduce the amount I’m serving her.

Ahh~, but I become so weak when she stares at me with those eyes. With Urushi in the picture, that stare’s power has been amplified by two~


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