I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Returning to Aressa


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◇ The day after we set out to return ◇

We’ve finally returned to the town of Aressa… But there’s a bit of a commotion at the front gate.

『What’s all the fuss about?』

「Lots of people.」

Certainly, a large number of Humans have gathered. I think I’ve seen them somewhere before, but… Where?

「Knights, huh. What’s goin’ on?」

Cruz’s words jogged my memory. Their armor looks just like the set that Auguste was wearing. In fact, the man leading the group had armor even more luxuriously decorated than his.

「Small fry knights.」

「My my, that’s well said.」

「Hey, wait a minute both of you… Please make sure not to say such things in front of the Knights! The only strong thing about them is their pride!」

「I know, I know.」


I understood as well. To be frank, the public’s impressions of the Chivalric Orders was low, but it wasn’t to the level that they would openly antagonize towards them. Why was it that the Knights themselves picked quarrels despite that fact, I wonder?

『Well, for now… Urushi, make sure to stay quiet, alright?』


It’s already in its miniature form, but Urushi’s still attracting a decent amount attention. It’d be troublesome if the Knights quibbled with us because of this fact.

「Well, it’s fine, isn’t it? The leader seems to be Urs.」

That reminds me, the Guild Master had said that their leader was a respectable man.

「Ohh, is that you, Ms. Amanda?」

「Yeah. It’s been a while.」

「Indeed it has! Having you here is quite reassuring!」

He’s quite the lively old man, isn’t he? He’s shorter than Donna, but their expressions are largely the same. 一 He could be described solely with the words ‘Dandy Macho[1]‘.

Name: Urs・Bendoro Age: 52

Race: Human

Job: Shield Knight

State: Normal

Status: Level: 50

HP: 527 MP: 223 STR: 218 END: 274 AGI: 132 INT: 103 MGC: 119 DEX: 122


Coercion: Lv3, Pugilist Arts: Lv4, Hardening: Lv4, Danger Perception: Lv2, Horsemanship: Lv4, Leadership: Lv6, Shield Techniques: Lv8, Shield Arts: Lv8, Abnormal Status Resistance: Lv4, Spear Techniques: Lv3, Spear Arts: Lv6, Provocation: Lv7, Poison Resistance: Lv7, Magic Perception: Lv2, Vigor Manipulation, END ↑, Fortitude


Baron, Leader of Aressa’s Knights, Defender


High-Quality Mithril Spear, High-Quality Adamantite Kite Shield, Sturdy Silver Full-Body Armor, Red Lion Mantle, Bracelet of Mental Abnormality Resistance

He seems to be a bit stronger than Donna. However, while Donna is an attack-type Heavy-Warrior, Urs is a defense-type Heavy-Knight.

「Has something happened?」

「Yeah. There was a reaction to the Barrier. It seems that there’s a Demonic Beast of Threat Level C nearby.」

「So you’re heading out to subjugate it?」

「That’s right. First, we have to place restrictions to the outside of the town, then we’ll investigate the surroundings with a fine-toothed comb. We’ve issued a request for support from the Guild, too.」

Hmm. He really is an upright man, isn’t he? He’s something like a stereotypical Knight.

「There’re a lot of young Knights…」

「Ah, they’ve joined the order for various reasons. A purge was performed, you see. Once the problematic people disappeared, the motivation from the youngsters increased.」

The ‘problematic people’ stemmed from Auguste, no doubt about it. Once he and his followers disappeared, more proper Knights must have taken their place.

Anyways, a Demonic Beast of Threat Level C, huh? It couldn’t be–

Immediately, the eyes of the Adventurers who participated in the Dungeon investigation turned to Urushi, who sat itself down beside Fran.



「Muoo! T-That is… A Demonic Beast? Even if it’s small, what a dreadful amount of magic power…!」

「Most likely, the Demonic Beast you guys detected was none other than Urushi.」

「…… Is it Ms. Amanda’s familiar?」

「Nope. This is Fran’s pet.」

「I see. This young lady…? Hm. Is she perhaps the girl who wields a Magic Sword from the rumors?」

It seems that the name of the before-mentioned Magic Sword wielding girl hasn’t spread.

「Well, if it’s familiar then it’s fine, but… Can you distinguish it somehow?」

「Understood. Next time, wrap with a scarf before passing through. Have to issue a Familiar license later?」

「Got it. How about I just ask you a couple of questions for now, and I’ll write down your answers on the official documentation?」


「Then first, you’re positive this is a Darkness Wolf, correct?」


After taking out a small piece of parchment, Urs starts writing. It seems that an official certificate is absolutely necessary to have a familiar.

「Aーnd… What’s its name?」


「Urushi. And you? What’s your name?」


「Next, what’s it’s gender?」

「…? One moment.」

Hm? That reminds me, I didn’t check that either. It didn’t think about that at all.


Kyaー, Fran, how bold! She just walked behind Urushi, lifted up its tail, and confirmed whether or not anything was there! P-Perhaps it’s simply because she’s a child…? To Urushi, this whole ordeal must be a disaster.



「O-Oh. Is that so.」


After tying a red scarf around Urushi’s neck, we were granted entry into Aressa. In accordance to the Familiar contract, we also received a crest to show that he was tame. It seems it’s meant to be put on a collar or a similar item.

When we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild, there was a small uproar.

「…… Seriously, this time it’s a C ranked familiar? It’s not like you were a popular topic already or anything.」

Right after opening his mouth, the Guild master threw that sarcasm at us. Still, it can’t really be helped. When any meddlesome Adventurers got in our way to the Guild Master’s office, Urushi returned to its true size and bit their heads. Of course, he didn’t kill them or anything; it was just simple play-biting. They were left half-dead and covered in blood because of it, though.

「And on top of being a Darkness Wolf, it’s a Unique individual? Even though it’s already a rare race…」

What? Unique individual? There’s no way I overlooked something like that. Isn’t Urushi just a regular Darkness Wolf?

「Unique individual? Urushi is?」

「Oh, you didn’t notice? Normal Darkness Wolves have completely jet-black fur, but this fellow has red mixed in at the edges. Because it’s tucked into the scarf, it’s a bit hard to see. In addition to that, it has a Unique Skill. A regular Darkness Wolf wouldn’t have something like that. Even if it was only Level 1, having one means it’s a Unique individual.」

Seriously? I didn’t know about that at all… I had never seen other Darkness Wolves, so I thought Urushi was the norm.

「Well, setting that aside… For accomplishing my request, thank you. With Amanda vouching for your strength as well as the addition of your familiar, people won’t be making light of you anymore. Amanda’s recognition in particular will spread through Merchants and Adventurers like wildfire, so when you arrive at Urmut it’ll probably be a common rumor.」


「Please make sure to take your Guild Card to the reception desk later. It’ll be stamped to grant you entrance to Urmut’s Dungeons.」

Alright, alright! With this, we can do Dungeons.

「Nn. Then, leaving.」

「Ahh, may I suggest confirming the status of your Job while you’re there? A Job increase might be possible, after all. Usually it’s 500 Gorudo, but I don’t mind waiving the fee this time. Think of it as a farewell gift.」

A farewell gift, huh… So stingy! We’ll accept it, though.

「Thank you.」

「When will you leave for Urmut?」


「I see. It’ll be a bit lonely.」

「…… You don’t mean it.」

「Hahaha. That’s not true. For better or for worse, you’ve impressed me. But, with this, my quiet daily life will return once more.」

「Nn. Take care.」

Seeing Fran lower her head with a *pekori*[2], the Guild Master’s eyes went round. He seems pretty surprised. So Fran can do stuff like this too, huh?


「Fuu. I kept being surprised right to the end.」

[1] ‘マッチョ’ = Macho, ‘ダンディ’ = Dandy. Feel free to Google the two separated and/or together.

[2] Denotes lowering one’s head.

[3] Door-slam SFX.


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