I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Klimt – side story

Knock* Knock*


「Uncle, I’ve prepared the report.」

「Ah, Frion. You came at a good time.」

It was my nephew, Frion, who entered my office. Recently since there were many people who rudely entered my room without waiting for an answer, they seem to have forgotten that I’m the guild master. In this aspect, Frion is courteous. Taking a lesson from that, I would like to protest against the various unclear rumors.

「Please, sit.」

「Thank you very much.」

「Thank you for your hard work. There seem to have been various irregularities this time around, but…」

「There were many times that I almost died.」

The appearance of the Trickster Spider and the mysterious pile of human bones, is it? These problems were giving me a headache. Still, the discovery of the human bones was quite lucky.

「Uncle, about those bones…」

「Yes. I believe that some of them were the remains of Auguste Alsund.」

Actually, one of Auguste’s subordinates had confessed about a certain ploy. That is, the smuggling of Magic Ore using Transfer Stones.

Transfer Stones are magic tools composed of a pair of stones. When stone A is used, the holder is transported to stone B. However, because they can only be used once on top of being very expensive, they usually aren’t amassed in large quantities.

Auguste’s plan consisted of placing one such Transfer Stone inside of the Dungeon, as to return later without being sensed by the barrier and steal Magic Ore.

If I’m not mistaken, this plan would have commenced three months ago, when he declared his interest of inspecting the Dungeon and went in by force. Of course, I didn’t lend him any Adventurers for something he was doing of his own convenience, so with their forces alone, it would have been impossible to fully traverse the Dungeon.

Sure enough, they were unable to get past the third floor, forcing them to turn back. As it turned out, however, they had used that occasion to set up a Transfer Ore in secret. I had conducted a personal investigation later, but nothing had caught my attention at the time. Most likely, it was because they prepared an expensive Transfer Ore with a concealment function. Up until there, the plan was going smoothly. Later, I’ll have to seriously reevaluate the security system.

Anyways, it was after that point that irregularities began to occur. The Trap Spiders evolved into Trick Spiders after preying on one another, and Auguste, who turned back at the third floor, had no idea.

Well, we didn’t know either though. As a result, the intruders were wiped out when they transferred in.

However, they also brought in new Transfer Stones after going in, as to allow multiple intrusions.

Through doing so, several intruders were sent in… But no one returned. This was natural, given the fact that they were transferred right into a spider den.

As a result, a trick spider who had eaten the magic tools, such as the transfer stones possessed by those who were sent in, made an even further evolution. That’s my theory for why the Trickster Spider made its appearance in the dungeon.

If I knew that was going on inside the Dungeon, I wouldn’t have sent in low-ranked Adventurers. I’ll need to give them a generous bonus.

「I’ll be giving you a bonus for the danger you were subject to as well.」

「Please do.」

「That aside, your report, please.」


The reason I had called for Frion was because of the request I had given to him personally.

「Then, according to you, how was she?」

He joined the dungeon investigation request to observe the rank D adventurer Fran, and to that I mean to ascertain who she is.

He is not only an Adventurer, but a member of the Guild’s staff as well. Rather than a Spy, he would be more like a hidden examiner.

「One moment please. ――Tarua.」

『Hmm. It’s been a while, Klimt.』

「You’re as splendid as ever.」

We Elves are a race that loved by Spirits, and among us there are people who are born possessed by a Spirit. It’d be about every 1 in 10 people, I suppose?

The Spirits that possess such Elves are known as Guardian Spirits, and are capable of receiving training. Furthermore, unlike Contracted Spirits, Guardian Spirits require significantly less magic power to summon; you could say they’re a buddy-like existence.

Many Guardian Spirits have affinities that the Elves are naturally gifted, so Nature, Soil, and Water spirits are numerous. Frion’s Spirit on the other hand is special.

It’s of the Soul attribute. Among Spirits, such an attribute is rare. I’ve made a contract with a single Soul Spirit, but its abilities don’t come close to Frion’s Tarua.

There were times when the Spirit perceived Fran as wicked, but half the time it was wrong. That was the capability of my Soul Spirit. Tarua on the other hand is much stronger, making it more suitable.

『Through my judgement, I could not see a wicked heart on the young girl called Fran. In fact, it has been a while since I saw someone with such little malice towards others.』

「For example, how she acted towards the Adventurer called Clad?」

『Fumu. That case was somewhat curious.』

「Curious how?」

『Umu. When the one known as Clad caused a commotion, the others reacted with anger and irritation… But that wasn’t the case for that girl. On the contrary, whenever Clad caused trouble, she found it rather interesting.』

Clad’s Roar of the Dragon was a promising young party. Their pace for growing was fast, considering they were able to reach Rank D within only a couple of years. Well, if you excluded Fran, that is.

Their problem, however, lied with their attitudes. They cause trouble, and they’ve made a lot of enemies as well. Even with that, however, I could promote them to Rank D without a problem.

Therefore, they were considered for this time’s request.

Using them, I could watch how Fran reacted towards people with bad character. At the same time, by having Clad interact with someone of a higher Status, I planned on having Clad become aware of his own hubris, but…

The effect was a bit more drastic than anticipated. Because they lacked sufficient strength, I intended to decline their promotion from the start, but when they were notified of such they accepted it with slightly-disappointed faces and a deep nod. I could understand why they reacted so after hearing about the Commission through Frion.

Nowadays, the Adventurers are preaching of Fran’s splendor.

「Tarua, thank you very much.」



「Then, Frion. What kind of impression do you have of Fran?」

「Let me think… She’s an amazing child, I suppose?」

[Is it not the same?]

[Yes. But, it isn’t only her strength. How should I say it, I felt like her actions were considered beforehand. Shall I say that it is the conclusion I reached after I had a conversation with the person herself? Rather than concerning a plot, I think that she just thinks about things more deeply. To be that composed at that age, it’s to the extent that I want to learn from her.]

[Hohou. That will serve as a reference.]

[If you say so, it’s worthwhile to persist. But, why are you fixated on that girl to this extent?]

[Do I seem to be that fixated?]

[Yes. To the degree that rumours of you having a Lolita complex is spreading.]


It was a waste to think he was courteous. Let me tell you, I don’t have a Lolita complex, you know?

The reason I was fixated with Fran in particular…….. One is because we lack information. As a guild master, I have to pay attention to troublemakers who are always in the center of turmoil. Despite this, there is surprisingly little information on her. Since she was approved by me as a guild member, this is like one of my duties.

It was never a Lolita complex. However, everyone has me as a Lolita complex, Lolita complex. Oops, my thought deviated a bit. Not good, Not good.

[Speaking of what I know, she has a magic sword, and is said to have appraisal.]

[I know of the magic sword, but appraisal?]

[Yes. It is certain.]

It was a magic stone that I handed over as an advance payment for this request, and I was convinced when I saw her selection. She chose a rank C magic stone of only two among the 20 stones, other than that, she also chose the magic stone that came from a demonic beast that inhabited the sea. It is too much to be a coincidence.

She not only possesses Appraisal, but also Appraisal Concealment. This is surprisingly advantageous in battle. That alone deserves precaution.

[Another thing, one of her weapon skills reached an advanced level. Judging from her combat style, it appears to be the art of a master swordsman. In addition, her magic is flame, storm, and darkness, and she learned lightning and healing afterward. Furthermore, her MGC is more than 100.]

A while ago, Fran changed jobs and returned. Her chosen occupation is a Magic Warrior which is the advance level of a Magic Swordsman. It’s status growth is better than a Magic Swordsman and it has the inherent skill [Magic Convergence]. The condition to choose this job is to have one or more of the sword, ax, or spear system combat arts to reach the advance level, in addition to using two systems of advance magic, it means that the MGC is more than 100.

And also, in the column of possible occupation choices, there seem to be Darkness Art User, Storm Art User, Lightning Art User, and Healing Art User.

In this short period, I wonder how much her skill will grow. She is in her first half of her teens. It is half-hearted to call her the term genius. There is possibility of her holding several blessings of god. Honestly, I can’t help but feel fear.

And then, the second reason that I’m fixated on her.

While her real nature is unclear, she is growing at a terrifying rate. It is impossible not to be alarmed.

[Well, I thought it even when she chose the magic stone, her naive side was unexpected.”]

Certainly, I didn’t think that she would really change occupations. If you go to the temple, you can change your occupation without leaking any information even if it is rather expensive. Isn’t she concerned that the information about her ability growth and skills would be leaked to us? Or, did she not think to this extent?

[Also, Amanda likes that one.]

If I indirectly bring up the subject of Fran, I thought that she would start talking about accompany Fran on this request……. I was surprised that I got even more than I plan to. Perhaps, she might have noticed my expectations. She was that concerned about Fran.

[Does Ms. Amanda have the ability to judge a person that much?]

[Rather than that, she could see through children. For example, though a child is seen, but if he or she is a long lived species who merely grows slowly, she normally comes into contact with them. Is her title usage the reason for that, I wonder?]

In other words, Fran is truly 12 years old. Until today, there was a small doubt of her being disguised as a long lived beastman.

[Honorable Uncle, I don’t understand. I wonder what kind of person she is?” (pengu: just a genius girl with a magic sword that has another world memories)

[I don’t understand either. No, it is probably who is she not?]

[What do you mean?]

[We were convinced that she was concealing something. But, is such a thing really true?”

Naturally, since she works as an adventurer at that age, I’m sure that she has some kind of circumstances. Just like many other adventurers. However, the kind of schemes and conspiracies we were anxious about didn’t exist. That is the final conclusion we came to from the gathered information.

She has diverse skills and a magic sword, a little belligerent and easily involved in trouble, accompanied by a unique darkness wolf, thought to have a special background, and is in someway a 12 year old girl.

It is neither more nor less than that. Could it be that the figure of Fran we saw is not everything? No, when I list it again, I am likely to fall into paranoia again. Not good, not good.

[Don’t depend on the judgement of the spirits too much, you might lose the eyes to judge people.]

It may be that Nell, who got along well with her in a blink of an eye, has a very discerning eye.


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