I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Verification

「Oh, have you come today too? Magic-Sword Girl」(Shuuren)


Stop it with that name, Shuuren-jisan!

We were in the Guild’s library to learn more about some things Amanda taught us during the dungeon visit.

Fran has no problem focusing on most things but when studying her concentration doesn’t last long.

So, we’re checking carefully while keeping it quick.

The last few days have consisted of sparring with Amanda in the mornings, taking a nap after lunch and then studying in the afternoon. It has been rather relaxing.

「Today I want to study magic」(Fran)

「Even if you say that, there are many different kinds」(Shuuren)

「Then, compound magic」(Fran)

「Hou. Then, on the shelf there, on the third row from the bottom, on the right end there are beginners books about composite magic」(Shuuren)

As always, he has an amazing memory.

The books recommended by Shuuren-jisan contains a brief introduction to various compound magics which is easy to understand.

I read while asking Fran to turn the pages for me. Fran does so with a bored expression. After that, I studied various other spells but as for rare attributes there wasn’t very much written.

And so, let’s summarize what I’ve learned is these past few days;

– Wood Magic: Composite of Water and Earth. As its name suggests, it can control plants. It can not only grow plants, but also make them die. There also seems to be a spell for not getting lost at sea.

– Ice Magic: Composite of Water and Air. It can manipulate cold air. It can attack with ice and snow, and it can also freeze objects by removing heat in the area. There are also spells for Cold Resistance.

– Life Magic: Composite of Water and Fire. It is Magic which manipulates life itself. It does have recovery spells but that’s not its true value. It’s able to nurture life, and can even create artificial lifeforms (homunculi) when combined with alchemy!

– Lightning Magic: Composite of Wind and Fire. It can not only control electrical forces but also magnetic fields. Apart from attacking it can also be used to enhance the body’s nervous system, increasing reaction speed.

– Sand Magic: Composite of Wind and Earth. Apart from manipulating sand, it can also be used for drying, dehydration, weathering, etc. It seems like it can be used for processing food this way.

– Lava Magic: Composite of Earth and Fire. It manipulates metals, ores, lava, etc. It’s an attribute with a strong connection to the deep earth. It seems to have spells useful for blacksmithing.

That’s how compound magic works. There are also the special attributes.

– Spatial-Temporary Magic: It’s Magic that can manipulate time and space. Metastasis, time manipulation, and summoning are confirmed to be of this attribute.

– Moonlight Magic: Deals with reflection and mental manipulation, even physical manipulation. In my opinion, it really reminded me of vampires and werewolves.

– Auxiliary Magic : Attributes specialized for assisting status ups, barriers, etc. There is a technique that is similar to other attributes, but effects like auxiliary attributes can not be obtained it seems.

Another thing I was interested in was old man Gallus’s skills, so I checked out his other skills in detail.

– Blacksmith: A system gathering magic that is necessary for smithing. It is something created by the God of Blacksmithing. It includes various spells dealing with fire, wind, molten iron, and so on, but it seems that it can only be used for smithing because its power is drastically reduced when its used in battle.

– Magic Blacksmith: Allows the creating of magic equipment by putting mana into things created with Blacksmithing. It provides magic control far beyond common blacksmiths, allowing the user to give the desired effects and attributes.

Even though their names are similar they are completely different.

There are many other things I would like to look into, but we decided to leave the library room. I lost to the sound of Fran’s stomach grumbling so we went to eat lunch.

Oh well, it can’t be helped. If we eat lunch we can go and verify some skills later. Fran is tired of the study room anyways.

After we left the town we had Urushi confirm that there are no people nearby. Now, let’s verify the skills!

First, let’s confirm the skills I got from the spiders. Unfortunately I was not able to absorb the Trickster Spider’s magic stone, and we had to be careful with absorbing other stones too since we were not alone, but I managed to absorb 10 magic stones from Trap and Trick spiders.

Confusion Poison Generation: Lv 1

Infrared Vision: Lv 1

Poison Jet: Lv 1

Paralytic Poison Generation: Lv 1

Strong Poison Production: Lv 1

Poison Generation skills gave you the ability to create poison in your body. It can give poison attributes to your blood and body fluids. This poison has no effect on the creator so Fran is unaffected when using it.

Infrared vision is, well, as its name suggests.

Poison Jet is the ability to spray poison. It’s a meaningless skill if you don’t have a poison generation skill, but regardless of that I can already inject Demonic Poison. It seems like our repertoire is getting quite dirty…

I also want to check the Attribute Sword.

『First is the Flame Attribute』(Teacher)


I also used it against the spider web, but it’s quite powerful.

『Is it hot?』(Teacher)

「It’s alright」(Fran)


Fran answers with a calm face while swinging my red-hot flaming body. It doesn’t seem like she’s enduring so it should be fine.

However, Urushi looks like he finds it too hot. It seems like the user is less affected by the heat.

There might be a problem when using the Overboost of the Sorcery skill though. Let’s try it carefully with a little power.

『How is it?』(Teacher)



Un, it seems like it’s impossible to swing me in this state. It seems like it can only be used with the Telekinetic Catapult. Too bad.

『Well, shall we try the other attributes as well? We’ll try all basic attributes first』(Teacher)

Earth and Water attributes are subtle. Of course the attack power increases, but both seem to simply increase the impact power. It seems like it’d be useful with blunt weapons.

However, the effect of Wind attribute is good. It increases my sharpness tremendously. Although the effect doesn’t affect as large an area as the Fire attribute, if it’s pure attack power the Wind Attribute wins hands down.

『How about the Dark Attribute? Is it possible to use Attribute Sword with it in the first place?』(Teacher)


Oh! It’s a sword of darkness! Cool――!! However, I don’t understand the effect well. It definitely increases the sharpness.

『Urushi, do you understand?』(Teacher)


Urushi understands Dark magic better than me. I thought he might have a hint.

『Ah! Urushi!』(Teacher)


Urushi who was sniffing the blade let out a scream. Hey, what are you doing?

If you check the status, his MP is decreasing. It seems like it has a Mana Burn effect. Moreover, it just requires physical contact.




I learned the effect through Urushi’s sacrifice. Yosh, let’s continue to the next one.

「Next, Lightning」(Fran)

『Yosh, Let’s do it!』(Teacher)

My blade is crackling with electricity. Fran tried the cutting ability.

It’s pretty useful. If we keep it weak it acts as a stun gun. If we make it strong it will fry the opponent from the inside. Moreover, it’s difficult to defend against since weapons and armor would just conduct the electricity. It should be quite effective in battle.

「Lightning sword. Cool」(Fran)

『Does Fran like this?』(Teacher)

「Nn. Biri-biri, amazing」(Fran)


Fran is swinging around my crackling body. Next to her, Urushi’s fur is standing straight, he looks like a hedgehog. Looks kinda gross. It seems both are having fun though.

Next up are the special attributes. First we tried Recovery and Auxiliary, but the Attribute Sword wouldn’t even activate. It seems only the basic, compound and light/dark attributes could be used with Attribute Sword.

『Next is Fran’s new inherent skill』(Teacher)

「Nn. Magical Convergence」(Fran)

It is a skill she got when changing her class to Magic Warrior, so I don’t have access to it. Therefore I can’t give her advice on it. First, let’s have Fran use it.

Magical Convergence: Increase the power of magic and fighting techniques by manipulating and converging magical power instead of increasing the amount of magical power used.

According to the description I got through the Sorcery Skill it seems to be a skill which breaks the user’s limits.

『Be careful』(Teacher)


First Fran cast an ordinary Fire Arrow. Five ordinary fire arrows appear. I’m very familiar with this spell so it’s just right for comparison.

And then, the Magical Convergence version.



『Whoa! Ain’t that amazing』(Teacher)

The arrows are twice their normal size and there’s almost twice as many as well. It seems the power of each one is quite high.

『Can you do it more precisely?』(Teacher)

「Will try」(Fran)

After experimenting we found out that the Magical Convergence can be used quite liberally. Its effect is consumed by a single spell but increases its power several time over. It seems to be useable about 20 times.

It seems the magical power consumption when using Magical Convergence does increase to about three times normal. Well, as long as I’m here we won’t have to worry about that though.

More importantly, it’s better than being unreasonable by using my special skill. Since I couldn’t control the Sorcery skill even if I forced it. It’s power is simply too high so it would hurt Fran.

Fran’s Magical Convergence may not have the output of the Sorcery skill, but it can be controlled perfectly. It truly is worthy as a unique skill of a high-ranked job.

Well then, we still have some skills to verify left.

「What next?」(Fran)

『That’s right. Well then, how about trying that?』(Teacher)



『Skill Superiorization』(Teacher)


For the sake of today’s request, we have secured some magic stones from Goblins. Of course, they have Sword Arts.

『I’ve been thinking about how we should use the Self-Evolution points. I think we should do some experiments with Superiorization』(Teacher)

I’d like to know if Superiorization is useful. If it’s not worth the points we’ll ignore it in the future.

「Nn, agree」(Fran)

『Then, let’s do it?』(Teacher)


My remaining Self-Evolution points are 41. We’ll use 10 to superiorize Sword Arts.

〈 Sword Arts: LvMax will be superiorized 〉

A few seconds after the announcement ended I start shining brightly. Something amazing is coming!

〈 Superiorization is completed. Sword Arts: LvMax has changed to Sword Arts: SP 〉

The name is quite subtle; it just changed the notation to SP. Well then, what kind of skill is it?

Sword Arts: SP – Special skill: The Sword Arts skill growth rate of equipment registrants greatly increased. All status of equipment registrant +2. The effect of Sword Arts skill rises.

It was expected that the effect of the Sword Arts skill would rise. However, the status and growth rate increase is a terrific ability. Rather than empowering me, the superiorization improves the growth and strength of my equipment registrants!

Since the growth rate of Sword Arts greatly increases it means that Fran will be able to one day stand at the peak of swordsmanship even without me.

『Fran, how’s the feeling when swinging me?』(Teacher)

「Same as usual」(Fran)

『How about Sword Techniques?』(Teacher)

「Nn. Dragon・Fang」(Fran)

It looks like it’s working properly. No problems with Sword Techniques either huh. With Fran activating a Sword Technique from a higher level than her Master Sword Arts level it means it properly counts as a higher level than the Sword Techniques. Well, it seems like I won’t need to take over and raise her Sword Arts intentionally.

Superiorization. Not bad. However, it’s hard to tell whether it’s always better to do it. It’s a matter of priority. Well, the Sword Arts I tried this time is a weapon skill, I do not know how magical skills will change. I would like to try it for a bit.

「Teacher, want to superiorize other skills too?」(Fran)

『Well. No, let’s stop for now. Rather than that, I have something I’d like to talk with you about』(Teacher)


『Ah. After we went to dungeon, I have reflected on things』(Teacher)

「Nn. Me too」(Fran)

『Until now, we’ve equally increased all useful skills; magic, weapon and other combat related ones right? But, I thought about whether to raise a different kind of skill』(Teacher)

「I see」(Fran)

Unlike the wide outdoors, escape routes are quite limited in a dungeon. I’ve come to realize that to survive there you need more than just combat ability.

This is the candidates I’ve thought about for that.

Chant Shortening: Lv 1

Crisis Detection: Lv 1

Sign Perception: Lv 2

Instant Regeneration: Lv 1

Abnormal Status Resistance: Lv 3

Magical Barriers: Lv 1

Trap Sensing: Lv 1

With Crisis Detection, Sign Perception and Trap Sensing we can try to avoid traps and dangerous enemies in advance.

Chant Shortening will widen our range of viable tactics.

Instant Regeneration, Abnormal Status Resistance and Magical Barriers will allow us to survive in a pinch.

I have 31 Self-Evolution points left. I could max out one of the skills or distribute it to three different skills for diversity.

As for me, I’d like to increase the detection skills for a bit, especially the Trap Sensing. When you think about dungeons, it’s traps right?

『What do you want to do, Fran?』(Teacher)


After talking with Fran, we decided to raise the Sign Perception, Trap Sensing, Chant Shortening and Abnormal Status Resistance to Lv5.

Since we’re not diving into a dungeon right at the moment, I felt we should probably save some points but… I decided to raise the levels right now. Are we a bit too loose with points?

If you can get the skills you want, don’t you want to use them right away? So we decided to allocate the necessary skills right now.

With this we’ll be much safer when exploring the dungeon. I only have 5 Self-Evolution points left though.

『With this we should be safe even in a dungeon』(Teacher)



『But, you won’t regret it?』(Teacher)




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