I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 62

Chapter 62: New Wings

Three days after receiving the new equipment.

「See you~」

「I’ll be waiting!」

「Let’s meet in Ulmut!」

「We’ll be waiting for you!」

「See you~」

We were seen off from Alessa by Amanda, Donna, Gallus, Randall and Delt.

『It was a good town』

I do not know about any other towns in this world, but I’m glad this was the first place we visited.


『Well then, lets head west from here on. To the port town Darth』

We’ll get on a ship in Darth and head south from there to Barbola. After that we’ll travel by foot to Ulmut.

Since we sold all the materials we had we have plenty of money. So, my current goal is to take a good ship. Preferably a real passenger ship rather than a transport ship.

If it turns out to be too expensive I’m planning on earning a little in Darth. We bought quite a bit of potions but we still have one million Gorudo. It’ll work out somehow.

『Well then, I’m counting on you, Urushi!』


Urushi lowered himself and Fran jumped up on him.

『You’ve got a good grip?』


Fran is holding on to Urushi’s collar firmly. The collar made by Gallus has a string specifically for making it easy to grab hold of. If she holds on it that, Fran will not be thrown off easily. Nice job, old man Gallus!

Urushi’s forelegs are equiped with black and gold anklets. They slightly increase the strength and speed of the wearer and they also has a size adjustment effect so Urushi can wear them no matter what size he takes. These were also made by Gallus.

He’s amazing to make these in just two days. As expected of a master blacksmith.

「Urushi, Go!」


Urushi barks with great spirit and runs west.

Fast Fast!! Alessa is quickly disappearing behind us!

『Keep it up, Urushi!』


Urushi speeds up even more with my encouragement. His tail is swinging with excitement. But, it seems Fran doesn’t share the excitement.

「Eyes, hurts」

It seems Urushi is too fast. Fran can’t keep her eyes open due to the wind shear, so I use wind magic to reduce the pressure.

『How’s this?』

「Nn, feels comfortable」

Good. It seems Fran can enjoy the scenery confortably now by just narrowing her eyes a little.

「What’s that?」


「That mountain, the top is white」

Fran is enjoying the ride. The scenery is flying past us. Also, Urushi never slows down at all. Even if there are obstacles he just flies over them with a jump and continues in a straight line.

『Oh, is that a magical beast?』


『Look, behind that tree』

「Let’s go」


Occasionally we spot magical beasts, and hunt them down. There doesn’t seem to be any strong magical beasts around here, they all die from a single attack by Urushi. I absorb the magic stone, store the meat, and let Urushi eat the bones and organs. Un, it’s best not to waste anything.

However, this high speed didn’t last. No matter how much of a magical beast Urushi is, he’ll get tired if he keeps running. He’ll also get hungry.

Sometimes he also uses Sky Step so his MP has also decreased a lot.

『It can’t be helped. Let’s go by foot for a little while』

「Good job」

『What’ll we do with urushi?』


Urushi barks lightly and then slips into Fran’s shadow. Urushi has two skills for entering shadows; Shadow Dive and Shadow Migration. Shadow Dive can only enter a shadow, while Shadow Migration allows him to move from shadow to shadow.

Unlike Shadow Migration which consumes a lot of MP, Shadow Dive seems to consume almost no MP at all. Also, it seems to only consume MP when entering the shadow and nothing while remaining inside of it. Therefore, it seems like Urushi can rest and recover while inside a shadow as such.

If he’s in Fran’s shadow he’ll also of course move along with Fran so it’s a useful skill.

『Well, shall we continue leisurely?』


We keep on going while having lunch at the same time.

Around here the surroundings change. The forest surrounding Alessa ends and turns into plains. However, it’s not a savannah like wilderness, but a green grassy plain.

Considering the change compared to around Alessa you understand it’s actually quite far. It makes you understand just how fast Urushi was.

It’s only been half a day since we left Alessa. When I casually looked up into the sky my mind shouted out in surprise.

『Uoooh! That, that! What is THAT!?』


『Look, over there! Up there!』

「Which one?」


『There, next to the clouds! The one floating in the sky!』

「That floating island?」

『Floating island? What’s that? FANTASY!!』

You know, it’s a flying island! A Flying Island!! Ghibli fans will drool. Well, even if you’re not that, no fantasy lover can resist that.

Just above us, an island is floating in the sky. I get excited just watching it!

how is it floating? Is it that? Flight Stones? Or is it wind magic? An even more fantasy-ish power? Nice~, I want to go~!

『Ne, nee, is that not something rare?』

Fran doesn’t seem very surprised. Maybe it’s a common sight in this world.

「Nn. Sometimes they float」


How terrible! It’s already been two months since I reincarnated into this world, yet I still didn’t know of such a wonderful spot!

No, wait a second. If it’s a common occurance, that means you can visit them without problems right?

『I want to go up there!』


『Eh? Is that so?』

「Very high」

It seems you need to use a certain magic item to get up that high, and the usage fee is tremendously high. Fran doesn’t know exactly how much it costs but it seems impossible for ordinary people to go up there.

Is it like how private space travel was in my old world? but, I want to go!!

『Hey, isn’t there any other way?』

「Seems to be some magicians who can fly up there themselves」

『I see』

In that case, wouldn’t Urushi’s Sky Step work? If you keep using it to jump ever higher…

『Urushi, how about it?』


It seems like it’s impossible. Well, I guess he’d run out of MP from such continous use.

Then, what if we use Floating? No, impossible. There is an altitude restriction for floating, and if you go above that it’ll just slow your fall instead of maintaining the altitude.

『I wonder if I can get up there with Telekinesis』

「Teacher, cunning」


「Me too」

『Want to go?』

「Of course」


「Well, let’s not rush」

That being said, as a matter of fact… No, wait! I got a flash of inspiration!

『Well, let’s give this a try shall we?』

I use Telekinesis to hover in front of Fran with my side up.

『Now, get on!』

「Get on?」

『That’s right. There’s no way you’d know about surfing. Anyway, stand on top of me』


Fran seemed a bit nervous about standing on me.

「All right」

『Ou! Also, it’d make it easier if you used Floating. I’ll be using wind magic to weaken the wind resistance』

「Got it」

『Urushi, enter Fran’s shadow for now』


『Then, let’s go!』

I made use of Telekinesis and Floating and flew upwards. Acting as a surfing board, with Fran on me.

「Oooh. Flying」

Success!! I’ll name it Telekinetic Air Ride!

Initially I moved horizontally. Fran seems to be OK with the movement. It seems to have been a good idea to fixate her feet with Telekinesis.

I turn right, turn left, go up and down while gradually increasing the speed. Good. It doesn’t seem to be any problems.

『Well, let’s go』



I was flying in a spiral, going up smoothly. I don’t rise vertically since that wouldn’t be comfortable for Fran.

「Amazing. Teacher is amazing」

「On on!」

『Urya uryaaa~!!』

Telekinesis Full Power!! We’re gradually approaching the floating island. The island which originally only looked like a tiny pebble has grown to the size of a fist.

Even though I’ve already reached a height where clouds are racing by, the island is still far away. It really is high up in the sky.

The bottom of the island is just plain rock. I really want to see what’s on top of it.



『I’m sorry!』

I was becoming exhausted. It’s no good, it seems it was impossible to fly into the sky while carrying Fran. It seems that continous application of force is different from the explosive strength of the Telekinetic Catapult. I’m running out of magic power.

Perhaps, even with practice I could only fly for about 15 minutes?

If I become good at this it will be a new method of transportation, which seems to be useful for bypassing dangerous areas as well as escaping quickly.

「Too bad」


『Shit!! Some day I will definitely get there! Just you wait!』


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