I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Bernardo

In front of us the skeleton is cowering while trembling.

「Pl, please spare meee~」


Fran looks really confused.

「Aah! God of the Netherworld! Please, help me!」


「Hiii!! I’m not tasty! I have no money!」

Somehow, it seems like we are the villains here…

「Oioi, Fran-chan! What happened!?」

Argen had regained his composure and was approaching.

「? Beat a monster?」

「Noo! Don’t kill me!!」

「What the? Argen too is surprised at this guy」

「I was… I was just surprised because it was so sudden」

「Don’t beat?」

「This skeleton is someone’s creation, so don’t beat it」


「It’s kindda like your Urushi. It was created by some Necromancer (Ghost Magic user) somewhere」

「Then, not enemy?」

「Well, if it serves some evil guy it could be an enemy, but just beating it suddenly without asking questions is a bit too much. In some cases that could be considered a crime」

Is that so? If we take down this subordinate, we could be making an enemy of the Necromancer.

I heard from Amanda that Ghost Magic is not considered evil in and of itself, and that the undead created by it are not particularly hated by adventurers either.

Undead that spawn naturally are considered pests, but those that serve a necromancer are treated like a pet or subordinate, much like Urushi who is allowed into towns despite being a magic beast.

「I, I am a good representative?」

Your appearance is completely that of an evil-looking undead though.

「however, this is the first time I’ve met a talking skeleton」


「Pretty much so. I guess it was created by a pretty skilled necromancer」

「My master is a genious indeed」

「Oh, it seems you can not only talk but also have a fairly good thinking ability. It really must be an amazing necromancer」

「Bones, what you doing here?」

「Collecting catalyst」

「Ghost Grass is it?」

「Yes. But it seems someone has torn down a lot of it. It’s a shame」

It got torn down by someone? Is that about us? No, but if it grows in the wild you can’t complain if it’s harvested right? There is no sign here saying it’s someone’s field. That’s why we are not evil! Or is that not what you meant?

「Are you growing it here?」

「That’s right. Because of the dense magic power it is suitable for cultivation. I just provide fertilizer and water the field」

Aaa… It’s completely a cultivated field. It seems like there is no sign because there’s a barrier protecting it.

According to the skeleton you would normally have a feeling that you do not want to go here, which is a psychological effect caused by the barrier.

Right as we were about to enter the forest, it must have been that barrier which caused Argen to become frightened all of a sudden. It seems like the barrier is concealed somehow, even my senses didn’t pick it up.

「A barrier that rejects people? Then, was it an application of magic of the spiritual control system of Ghost Magic?」


So it’s a type of spiritual control. Thanks to our battle with the demon we have a control immunity skill and Urushi has resistance towards mental skills so I guess we didn’t notice when we came here last time.

「But, it seems like something that has penetrated the barrier. Like you people」


Argen was glancing at Fran, but that can’t be helped.

『Fran, it’s best if we apologize』


Fran made a clean and deep bow. Good! Sincerity is important when apologizing.

「What do you mean?」

We took out a bunch of Ghost Grass we had left and put it on the ground.

「Mistook it as growing wild」

「It was you?」


「No, I’m grateful for the feeling but, you should keep that」

「Don’t need?」

It seems it’s no problem to take some and make potions ordinarily, but it seems the quality his master seeks is not normal.

「Just pick it up」

「Understood. But it’s not really such a great prize」

It seems like the quality of Ghost Grass deteriorates slightly when it’s touched by the living.

「I was troubled」

「Not using all this?」

「How to say it? Ummm…」


「I don’t know, I have to ask my master」

Maybe, if his master is concentrating on alchemy he could be really good at that too. It’s a bit wasteful, but it’s best if we still return this Ghost Grass.

Then, the skeleton asked me with an apologetic tone.

「I cannot carry this much. I’m really sorry but…」

「Got it. Will carry」

It’s something we got ourselves into, it can’t be helped…

「Thank you!」

「Argen. What will you do?」

「I’ll come too. I’m related to the issue after all. Besides, the colony belongs to someone, so I would like to ask if we may keep harvesting some Ghost Grass in the future」

「Then, let’s go! Ah, I’m Bernardo by the way」

Name: Bernardo

Race: Skeleton (Skeletal Undead)

Condition: Contract

Status Level 4

HP:40, MP:183, STR:23, END:17, AGI:34, INT:122, MGC:61, DEX:38


Darkness Resistance LV.4, Sword Arts Lv.1, Harvesting Lv.3, Regeneration Lv.3, Vibration Operation Lv.2, Dark Magic Lv.1, Magic Manipulation



Explanation: A dead body which moves through magic. Many serve a necromancer. They generally have a low intelligence, but posses regeneration and will keep moving until its Magic Stone is destroyed or until it’s magical power is cut off. Threat Level F. Magic Stone postition: Torso

For a skeleton this guy has high intelligence huh. Magical power too. Even though the explanation said they have low intelligence. Is it not just a skeleton after all?

「I am Argen」

「I’m Fran. This is Urushi」


「Hou… A Darkness Wolf huh?」

「Know of it?」

「I have only received knowledge about it from Master」 (TL: Meaning he has never seen one before)

Bernardo looks closer at Urushi. Although it’s just a slightly special-made skeleton it seems Urushi is a bit afraid. Well, he wins overwhelmingly in combat strength though.

I think we’ve walked for about an hour. In the middle of a wilderness, just north of the forest, there is a small hut.

「We’re here」

A small hut at a prarie, that’s what comes to mind.

It’s not at all big, and certainly doesn’t look like the home of a powerful necromancer.


「My master does not care much about such things」

「Fufufu. That’s right」



There was a sudden voice from behind. There was no premonition, even though I have the detection skills active and we even have Urushi here!

『I couldn’t feel him!』



Fran and Urushi are ready to go at any time. I also start charging up with magic power.

「Wh, Who is it?」

「When asking a person’s name, is it not appropriate to name oneself first?」

「M, My apologies. I am Argen, an adventurer」

「Fran. Who are you?」

「Sorry. He’s my master」

So, this is the necromancer in question!

If we had encountered him without knowing anything, we would have definitely attacked!

A dusky black robe. A multitude of skull-themed accessories. Morbidly white skin. His face was mostly shadowed by the robe, and all I could see was a wide smile that seemed to reach all the way to his ears. I think it’s a man, but I can’t be certain.

He’s super suspicious. He really seems like an evil necromancer.

The necromancer introduces himself loudly while his rope flutters in the wind.

「Fuhahahahaha!! My name is Jean Dovey! The one who shall become the supreme lord of the undead!!」

I really don’t want to be involved with this one. I want to just have Fran turn around and leave the way we came. This guy was that really annoying loudmouth type of guy…


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