I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Jean Dovey

「Fuhahahahahahaha!! My name is Jean Dovey! The supreme lord of the undead!」

It was a suspicious person in a slightly inaccessible atmosphere shouting a monologue. If there’s even an incident, there is no doubt this guy would be really suspected to have caused it.

Name: Jean Dovey

Age: 49

Race: Demonkin

Job: Dark Guru

Condition: normal

Status : Level 45

HP:180, MP:616, STR:91, END:93, AGI:119, INT:179, MGC:226, DEX:123


Darkness Resistance Lv6, Chant Abbreviation Lv4, Appraisal Lv8, Sign Concealment LvMAX, Kin Summoning Lv8, Staff Arts Lv4, Ghost Operation Lv8, Ghost Magic LvMAX, Dagger Arts Lv2, Compounding Lv7, Poison Resistance Lv3, Poison Knowledge Lv7, Fire Magic Lv3, Netherworld Magic Lv5, Medicinal Herbs Knowledge Lv4, Dark Magic Lv5, Absolute Sign Concealment, Ghost Rampage, Friend of the Dead, Magic Manipulation, Magic Power Boost

Unique Skills

Soul Eye


Scales of Assasination, Undead Creator, Slaughterer, Necromancer, King of the Dead


Dragon Bone Staff, Dead King’s Robe, Demon’s Shoes, Bracelet of Death, Substitution Bracelet

Absolute Sign Concealment? That certainly explains why I didn’t notice him.

Regardless, he’s strong. His physical status isn’t that high but magical status and skills are considerable. He is just a little weaker than Klimt, the Guild Master of Alessa.

And this guy is the necromancer huh. Being able to completely hide himself from detection means he can force you to fight only his undead in battle. I’d prefer if we don’t have to fight this guy.

「Are you a demonkin perhaps?」

Argen’s voice sounds quite terrible.

「Hohou! So you know?」

「Yes, you can glimpse the horns at the top under the robe, and those claws and fangs. Also, pure white skin is another characteristic of demonkin」

「You’ve studied quite well. Yes! I am a demonkin indeed」

「Well, it’s rare to see one around here, so I was surprised」

「There are not many of us demonkin on this continent, that’s true. We mostly live on the eastern continent」

Are demonkin a type of human? I am a little worried, but it might be that my common sense is a bit wierd, like how I thought about Ghost Magic. Anyways, it doesn’t seem like demonkin are all enemies of humans at least.

「So, where are you guys from? It seems like Bernardo has brought you here huh」

「Yes, they seem to have a problem」

「Hm? Oh well, let’s talk in the laboratory for the time being. Come along」

「Everyone, please come this way」

Is that cabin the laboratory? What should we do. I don’t think he’s an enemy but…

Fran and Argen are already following him, so I guess I’ll just pay attention.

『Urushi, pay attention you too』


「Hahaha! Welcome to our abysmal institute of darkness and death!」

He’s acting extravagantly, but, the laboratory… Maybe the outside is just camouflage and the inside as a state-of-the-art institution with tons of equipment? NOPE!

It’s wider than I thought but that’s about it. Other than that, it was just a normal mountain cabin like I had thought.


Fran seems to have the same question.

「Hahaha! Since my experiments are often accompanied by danger, the main body of the laboratory is in the basement so that the surrounding area will not be damaged. Do you want to see it? Fufufu, let’s say that curiosity killed the dragon. Kukuku!」

I see. Certainly, I can feel magical power from underground. What Jean says is true. On one hand I want to see, on the other I don’t… It’s the laboratory of a necromancer. It must be like a slaughterhouse! Corpses, one after another.

「Here you go」

Bernardo is arranging tea cups at the table. He was wearing an apron before I knew it. It gives off a surprisingly human vibe.


Wow, looks poisonous… The liquid in the tea cups is a reddish purple. Is that really tea? Or does it only look like poison? However, Jean took a cup and downed it all at once.

「Mm, this excellent fragrance. Exotic taste. It truly is the best」

Really? Well, the Crisis Detection isn’t reacting, and we have Abnormal Condition Resistance too.

「It’s ok」

Fran gently returned the cup to the tray after drinking the mysterious tea. I’ll let her eat something to get the taste out of her mouth later.

「So, Bernardo, what happened?」

「Well, the thing is…」

Bernardo explains the circumstances to Jean. Uwaa~, he’s looking this way.

「I see. Is there a lot of Ghost Grass?」

「You can’t use this?」

Fran takes out the Ghost Grass, but Jean shakes his head.

「It’s useless. If a living being has touched Ghost Grass even once their life force will contaminate it. It’s not a problem for normal use but it’s not useable to my purposes」

It’s no good huh.

「Well, it can’t be helped. I don’t own the land that field is on, and I hadn’t even put up a sign or anything」

「If you’re willing to overlook it we would truly be grateful」

「How about making the Ghost Grass you guys picked up be a present?」


「Really… BUT!」


Jean suddenly shouted loudly and started grinning. Hey, you even shocked Fran! This guy’s behaviour is really hard to predict.

「To be sure, it was something I cultivated right?」


「There’s no way there won’t be any compensation right? Naturally, just lowering your head won’t be enough」

Aah, it’s this kind of development? Well then, what will he want. Money? Or some medicine or material for an experiment? Maybe something we have to fight to obtain.

Fran and Argen are looking at Jean waiting, and the tension in the lab is high.

「Shall I have this girl here accept a request of mine?」


「Yes. Of course, I’ll pay you the fee. How about 200 000 Gorudo?」


「Of course, it’s not compulsory. Even if you are obliged to do it, it’s annoying to make you do it」

「Um, what is it you want me and Fran-jouchan to do?」

「As for you, nothing」


「Yes. You’re not needed」

「I,Is that so?」

「Therefore, you go home. Even if I sit here, it’s disturbing」

So, it’s convenient if Argen just goes home? If it comes down to a run-in with Jean it’s probably better if he’s not here.

「Argen, bye bye」

「Even jouchan!? Okay, I got it. Then let me be rude for just a moment, just once」


「She is still an adventurer, please make a formal request at the guild」

「Fufufu. Got it. If I do not, will the guild be causeing trouble?」

「Well, probably」

Hou, Argen-kun, you played a good hand there. With this, Jean cannot ask something impossible of Fran.

「I understand. Since I’m an adventurer」

E? Seriously? I didn’t see that coming at all. I cannot imaging him walking through mountains and dungeons at all.

「Is that so?」


「Yes. A Rank B adventurer!」

He took out a silver card from his pocket while saying so. True enough, he seems to be a rank B adventurer. Ain’t he a senior huh?

「Then, I’ll be leaving it to you, ojouchan」

Argen said so and left. Still, it’s good that we got the promise to periodically buy Ghost Grass.

「Well then, before moving on to the main subject…」


「Now we have no hindrances in the way」

Mu. That smile looks really evil. Is he suddenly revealing his true nature? Crisis Detection isn’t reacting at all!

「That sword」

He points at me. Perhaps his target is me? Are you going to say you want to be offered me or what?

「Now, don’t you mind talking anymore?」


「Kukuku, I understand! Also, the soul that lives within that sword! You can speak with Telepathy, can you not! Now, show me your true nature! Kahahahahaha!!」


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