I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 67

Chapter 67: CAUSE FOUND

I’ve made an error! I’m sorry.

(TL: I have no idea what error he’s talking about)

Have my thoughts come true? What does it mean?


「My eyes can’t be deceived, my skill ‘Soul Eye’ is a skill that can target the soul! I’m looking at the soul directly! Appraisal blocking is meaningless! Fuhahahaha!」 (TL: wow, this guy is annoying)

Seriously? It’s an appraisal skill that can’t be blocked? Gallas had a similar skill, magic eye skills were scary! Damn! What will I do? Should I keep my mouth shut? No, I shouldn’t hurry.

​Jean nods with his hand on his chin, while the tension is increasing over here. 「I saw some rare things! Intelligent weapon for one. Performance is sufficient, and if I can borrow your power, my long cherished wish will be well within my grasp!」


「Oh, so you finally speak. Sword, it’s a strange experience to talk with a speaking sword! It’s funny but pleasant!」

『Is that so.』Wow, it’s tiring when the tension is too high.

「Well, I’ll have to give you an explanation of the request so you guys can help me.」

Hmm? I feel like I don’t want anything. Simply, he just wanted to know if I could really talk?

『Hmm, you know I am an intelligent weapon, is there nothing else?』

「What do you mean?」

『No, I mean, do you want me?』

「Can I have you if I want you?」

『Never! I will not give myself over.』

「If you don’t want to give yourself to me then I don’t really have any interest.」

『Do you really not want me?』

「Well… I don’t need you.」

It feels like a lie, but he’s not lying at all. It seems he really isn’t interested. I really do not need him to be serious. Well, I feel a bit frustrated, but I feel more relieved.

「Are you satisfied? Shall I explain the request? Kukkuku.」

What kind of impossibly difficult demands are you going to throw at us? Thoughts of human experiments and assassinations are swimming in my head.

「The request is to aid in my exploration!」

It was an ordinary request. Huh? Really?『Exploration? Where are you going?』

「Well, I’m glad you would like to help me, the location is not far, and with me, you can arrive in less than 30 minutes.」

The place isn’t that far, I hope it is not a dungeon. Some say there is a dungeon around a field near here. But Jean has betrayed my expectations before.『Are we aiming to go to a dungeon with a den of the undead inside?』


No, no, if there is a dungeon is that area, we haven’t heard any information from Alessa. What does this mean?『I did not hear this information in Alessa』

「Of course you didn’t. After all, I’m the only one that knows.」

『Did you hide the information?』

「Well, there isn’t an obligation of reporting it. Because disaster could occur, reporting is recommended, but it’s not that bad even if we don’t.」

「News to me.」

「If you report it you’ll receive a reward, so most would report, but the location of the dungeon isn’t exactly in this country, rather it’s not of any country, so there’s no need to report.」


A place not belonging to any country? Is it a buffer zone or something?

「Fufufu. You’re troubled.」

『Can you tell me the location immediately?』No, maybe I don’t want to know.

「Well, let me tell you the history of discovering that dungeon!」




As a result, Jean spoke vainly, sprinkled with gestures.「About ten years ago appearances of the undead were frequently reported in the area. In the village of Neel, somehow, the sightings of undead were higher than other demon beasts.」

We heard something about that from Agen. So the ghost grass has been useful.

「Originally, as a necromancer, I came to survey the area. I continued my research steadily, scolding my heart that seemed to break sometimes, I made efforts through sweat and blood.」

「Ah-」(Fran) Fran, you don’t have to applaud!

「As a result, I made a big discovery! I found several strange spells of magical reservoirs! Fahahaha! It will be amazing!」

「Magical reservoirs?」

「It’s a phenomenon where the magical powers of the natural world accumulate in one place by various factors, and a beast is born from stagnant pools of magical powers.」


「However, attributes that resemble ghost magic has been added to the magical pond I had discovered. Of course, it’s not that there was no magical unbalance among the puddle’s attributes. Volcanos’ magical reservoirs which have a strong fire attribute means it’s easy to create demon beasts of the fire attribute, just as water attributes are most likely to be born around water.」

「Then, from ghost attribute reservoirs, the undead are born?」

That’s why there’s a lot of undead.

「Yes, I guess it’s pretty funny though.」

「What’s wrong?」

「This is just a plain, I’ve examined records from ancient times but there’s no site of an old battlefield nor underground tomb. I investigated the vegetation and plant life, but the factors that might strengthen ghost attributes are missing. So why is there a magical reservoir with ghost attributes.」


『Hm?』 If you ask me, the big question is why?

「Possible factor?」

Jean suddenly got up and walking around with wild gestures, making the tension in the room grow. 「Someone is deliberately doing so! Well! I initially thought so, for example, it might be part of military operations of the Raids kingdom of the North and the kingdom of Belio.”」

『Was that wrong?』

「In the first place, it’s impossible to artificially create a magic reservoir and add more attributes and the likes. I haven’t heard of any succeeding but there are few studying.」

「I see.」

「Then I examined if there was anything in common with magic reservoirs.」Jean looks back at the bag and points to it. It seems like when a detective is showing off a guess.


「Well, before that, do you know the existence of floating islands that travel around?」

It’s not that I know, but I’ve seen them. In fact, I could be challenged to land on one, but that seems impossible.

「There’s something that falls from the floating islands sometimes around here, it’s a plant growing in the upper part of the island, or a rock, it varies from time to time.」

『Is that what causes the undead?』

「What a person you are… it is. The magical pool of the ghost attribute and the position of where the objects fell were all the same.」

Wow, if I said the conclusion earlier the tension would have fallen. I bet he wanted to announce it himself. I sit on a chair and spoke frantically. No, this was useless.

「So, because I felt the island was suspicious, I went up there, and I found a dungeon!」

I have completely lost my motivation. Well, I wish it were quiet at least.

「The dungeon is a dungeon of mainly the undead, so the whole floating island is enveloped in the ghost attribute and is sticking to everything, including the objects that fall as well.」

「Floating island a dungeon?」

「Whether it was a dungeon core born in the sky and picked up by a nearby floating island or a dungeon core that occurred inside the floating island, as far as I know, that is the only floating island dungeon.」

Dungeon cores not only appear on the ground, but also in the sky? Does the core that was created in the air fall and crack? No matter how much the core is protected by barriers, if it falls from high altitude it will not come out unscathed.

「There’s no such thing, as the strange power seems to work and the core will not move from the spawned point unless there’s a special reason. If it is in the air it will be left there, so that even if it’s swallowed by water it does not move.」


「For example, if the core on a floating island moves like this, though it’s an old record, it seems that there has been a dungeon core inside a gigantic golem that turned into a moving dungeon. It will be an exception, do you understand?」

Truly a mysterious object created by the chaotic god himself. There’s still so many mysteries.

「How did you get there?」

「If you become a magician there’s various ways.」

『Does the floating island not belong to any country?』He said such a thing a little while ago? Is it not the jurisdiction of the kingdom of Kranz that we are in now.

「It’s because of the migratory route of the island that a country can lay claim on it, right now it’s just a little over the Raids kingdom and the Belio kingdom. So it doesn’t yet belong to anyone. Even the landing troops can not be sent and so the existence of the dungeon is not cleared up.」

「I see.」

「But it’s a nasty thing, the dungeon is quite dangerous. It’s also a golden egg. If you know that there is a dungeon on a floating island where there is little danger of those on the ground, you will get it by any means possible, even if it causes military actions」

『Is it okay that we go there without permission?』

「I have to get it out of the way.」

Do you mean it’s dangerous?

「Well, I will say again, will you accept the request? We will go to the dungeon of the floating island and carry out a search of the inside.」

『How long do you consider exploring? Do you aim for capture or something else?』

「Of course, my aim is capturing. If you attack the dungeon and capture it, it would douse the fire between nations.」

Certainly if you destroy the dungeon core and get rid of the dungeon there will be no war over it. Huh? Is he actually a nice guy? Such a stupid… !

「But, if it seems difficult, capture a certain beast to return to the ground」

『Capture a beast?』

「What kind?」

「The beast’s name is Dead Eater. Undead yet it eats the undead, it’s a demon with a threat level B. Even if you can not capture it in the current , if you add the ghost beast as your subordinate you can make future progress.」

『Threat level B?』

「Originally I was going to use a potion of ghost grass to advance my capture but if you are as skilled as I think you guys are, it’s more secure than potions or anything like them.」

「I’m fired up.」(Fran)

Well, what to do? Danger is dangerous (TL: no duh). However, it seems to be worth it. Besides, going to a floating island is a big deal

「What will you do?」

(I want to go to the dungeon.) (Fran)

That’s right. I do too. Besides, it’s an unspoiled dungeon, isn’t it? It’s also great to visit a floating island. As a result of consulting Fran, we decided to accept the request.

「Okay! Let’s do our best! FAHAHAHAHA! It’s becoming fun!」


It’s about the end of the year.

The year-end and New Year holidays are full of busy season and plans at work.

I would like to continue updating every day as much as possible … ….

I do not know how far I can go.


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