I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 68



We decided to take Jean’s request.

​​「Well, let’s introduce ourselves again! My name is Jean Dovey, the one who faced the darkness, looked into the abyss of wisdom and is the overlord of the immortal!」(では、改めて自己紹介させてもらおう! 我が名はジャン・ドゥービー。闇に蠢きし不死なる者たちの主にして、英知の深淵を臨みし者 TL: this is a little confusing, I’m getting a whole bunch of different translations.)

Well, while he is a necromancer, is he also a researcher? It somehow feels as if I’m getting used to Jean’s actions. Unfortunately.

​​「I am Fran. Black cat family. I like curry and pancakes. This is Urushi.」​​


​​「I’m seeing it for the first time but it seems it’d make a good companion if it was undead.」(He’s talking about making Urushi undead and obey him)


​​「No good.」


​​『It’s not a lie nor a joke that I am an intelligent weapon. The name Fran gave me is Teacher.』

「Ho, your name is Teacher?」Ah! Is it impossible for him to read the mood?​​「It’s an eccentric name, it is! It’s good, I love it!」

It was a funny one.​​​


The two people shook hands. However, I will negotiate so that the reward for the request will be changed slightly.

「Fewer rewards,」(Fran)


『Instead, we want the magic stones.』

「Magic stone? Is that a good enough payment?」


「Well, well, what are you going to use it for?」​​

『Well… …』As expected, he asked.

「Hmm… … I see, I see.」​​Jean brings his face closer to me. Being watched feels terrible!

『What? What is it?』

「The magic stone’s value……」​​


「Maybe you can convert the magic stone into an energy of some sort?」​​

「What do you know?」(Fran)


「Kuku, with my Soul Eyes secrets are meaningless. You want a magic stone so you have some use for it. It’s a mystery but there can only be one answer!」

Wow, what vain thinking! It’s completely perfect! In the first place, can he use such an appraising skill?

「You look frustrated, did I hit the mark?」


「Fahahaha, it was a joke, but it seems to be the right answer!」

It’s over! I’ve been caught by his trap perfectly.​​


Urushi, don’t look at me with eyes like you’re surprised. You have wide eyes too!


I’ve gotten stuck. I brush my hair back in my mind. You guessed a crazy thing! No, I may be influenced by Jean. Perhaps it hasn’t done any damage to Fran’s education. I might kill Jean if he laughes like “hahahaha” again.

「But if you’re a magic sword that eats magic stones, that’s fun. And… perhaps you don’t only gain powers but skills as well?」​​


Hey, do you really understand? There’s no surprise in your voice anymore. Rather, for reference, I would like to ask why.

『Why do you think so?』

「Is that actually right? Hahahaha, truly?」​​

『I never thought you could see through it.』


「It’s simple. The first thing I noticed was your skills, there were too many similarities, so I guessed that you could share skills with her.」

『I see.』

「That means that some skills are from your skill, but how could you have such a versatile skill? Even if you’re legendary, how many skills could you have? I thought there must have been a way for you to grow your skill.」​​

Everything is being seen through.

「In addition, the composition of the skill is somewhat funny, so you can infer that you didn’t grow your skills through natural means.」

『Huh? The skill composition is weird?』

「What do you mean?」 (Fran)​​

「Did you not notice it yourselves? For example, it’s weird to have abnormality tolerance.」

Normally, in order to acquire abnormality tolerance, seven or more lower abnormality tolerance skills such as poison resistance and paralysis resistance are required, and it seems that the total of all skill levels must exceed 40. However, we only have poison resistance: lv.3; drowsiness tolerance: lv 1; disease tolerance: lv 3 and paralysis resistance: lv 2. Well, it does seem strange.

Besides, although Dark magic is only lv 2, I have Darkness magic. Even if I shouldn’t have it yet, I do have it. There’s also no swordsman, but swordmanship is there. The more I looked, the more the skills seemed weird.

「Therefore, I thought that you are acquiring skills with something else, though I thought that you could have taken them away with Skill Taker, but it feels a bit unnatural.」

His reasoning is perfect! No, I guess if one had a bit a knowledge and insight they could probably figure that out as well. If so, I have to be careful with people with magic eyes in the future.

Well, it can’t be helped if this happens. I decided to tell Jean everything. I asked him if he could help us with collecting magic stones if we helped with exploring.

「Hahahaha! Good idea, it sounds interesting. That is, do you have to have the magical stone in order to absorb the skill from a magical beast that possesses that skill?」(TL: god, that was a frustrating sentence, anyone have any better ideas? つまり、君たちが持っていないスキルを所持する魔獣の魔石を入手し、師匠君に吸収させればいいというのだろう?)


「Please assist me. I will help you two onto a large boat! Huhahahaha!」(TL: Where did this boat come from? 大船に乗ったつもりでいるがいい! ED: Colloqial equivalent of ‘I will help you get a big haul’ maybe?)

Uwaa, this guy is suspicious, but the fact that he’s a necromancer is authentic. The dungeon heading over us now is the undead dungeon. Some confidence can be expected.

「Do you know there’s an evil spirit with skills like yours?」

「Where is it?」(Fran)


「There’s a high possibility that it is also on the floating island. Because it is the evil spirit of a demon beast!」

『Wow. What kind of evil spirit?』

「Huh, do you know the evil spirit called a memetic spirit?」


Jean laughs and shakes his head. Urushi is shaking his neck fur in the same way. I also do not know.

「As the name implies, it’s a demon that mimics a wall and attacks those who approach. Well, it’s not that strong so it won’t be a problem if you don’t notice the surprise attack.」

『What kind of skills does it possess?』

「It has mimicry skills as the name suggests. Its other interesting skill is appraisal disturbance.」

Appraisal disturbance seems to be a skill that doesn’t allow one to be appraised accurately. Unlike appraisal blocking, it only weakens it. If the level goes up, lower leveled appraisals can be invalidated.

『Will we have our appraisal cut off?』

「A skill with good appraisal disturbance?」

「No, it’s different! It’s preemptive to this point!」

『Hey. Well then why did you talk?』

「Because I wanted to talk!」

(TL: The previous three lines are hella confusing, help. 『いや、俺達には鑑定遮断があるんだが?』「鑑定妨害が良いスキル?」「いや、違う! ここまでは前振りだ!」)

「… …」(Fran)


『Oh, I see.』

「It’s still a story that doesn’t not matter.」(so it matters a little)

Sometimes among memetic spirits there seems to be a mixture of evil spirits, like a supernatural species, a spoofed spirit. (So sometimes there’s a fake spirit that acts like a mimicry spirit) Since it is threat level D, it seems to be quite strong. But because it’s difficult to distinguish from a real mimicry spirit, it seems weird to put them in a different group.

「And this disguising spirit is the beast I recommend for you!」


「Well, as the name implies, it possesses a unique skill for camouflaging, which doesn’t simply preventing appraisals, but allows you to show false information at a whim.」

『So it could purposely make someone come to a false conclusion?』

「Oh, that’s the most fearsome part of the skill, it’s far more troubling than just blocking.」

Appraisal blocking is a skill that prevents opponents from finding out information about you. In other words, the only appraisal result the opponent gets would be whatever wasn’t blocked. The information that could not be obtained remains.

But what about camouflage? By releasing fake information, the possibility that the appraisal was prevented seems low, and if one believes the information they got, it will be easier to surprise them. In other words, you will be able to stay ahead in the war of information.

「And it’s possible to combine it with appraisal blocking. After you block a little information and let the false information slip, the false information seems that much more believable! I think it’s a very terrible combination.」(Jean)

「In addition, appraisal camouflage is a unique skill so it will also be effective against most magic eyes. Most of the skills in the demon eye system can be prevented with this!」(TL: I think I previously translated the demon eye system as the magic eye system but it seems they are two different things.)(Jean I’m assuming…)

「I want it.」(Fran)

『Oh, I absolutely want it.』


「Fahahahaha, leave it to me. In the last exploration I already found where a mimetic spirit is!」

「Oh great.」(Fran)

『Truly someone we can rely on.』

「Ou Ou Ou!」(Urushi)

「Hahahaha! Don’t be afraid to speak the truth, don’t be shy!」

No seriously, I wasn’t expecting that. Also, Jean might be a little cool. It looks like he’s seriously shining. You may not be accustomed to being praised by people, but lift yourself by yourself. (LT: I guess he means that if you’re be uplifted by praise, don’t let it be other people’s praise? idk)

『Ah! Too bright!』




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