I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 69

Chapter 69: GHOSTS

​The next day, we went down the stairs. Last night I was asked to stay at Jean’s cottage…Well, the night when the mind is not so sharp brings a morning of refreshness.

Occasionally I could hear a mysterious groaning voice, explosions from underground and sounds of people moving outside my room. How does Fran sleep so well! I am glad she is a heavy sleeper though.

Breakfast is a fried purple egg and a black-green soup, and there was also a pale blue milk-like drink and fried mystery meat. The rest also had mystery meat and blue milk.

It seems that the taste is not bad, but it’s still scary. Fortunately it did not cause an abnormal state, but is it really okay? I confirmed it with Fran and Ursi about 5 times.

「Come here.」

After that, Bernardo guided us to a stairway so we could get down to the basement, where the self-proclaimed laboratory was. No, when you get down to the basement, there were plenty of facilities. It was rude to call this self-proclaimed.

「You seem surprised at the true form of our laboratory.」

『It’s pretty amazing.』



There was a huge magic circle drawn in the middle of the floor, tools like a sickle and a cane were hung on the wall and instruments like flasks and mortars were left in a cluttered mess. Poisonous medicinal herbs and ore sat in pots and baskets, and there was even a big kettle with a strange liquid boiling inside.

How nice! I would definitely call this a laboratory, it feels like a workshop. It has an atmosphere like a secret laboratory of a necromancer. I want to try all sorts of teasing!

「What’s there?」

「Do you mind?」

「Smell of blood.」

「Ha ha ha, as expected of a beastman, your nose seems to be good. This is the room where dead bodies are kept. It has strengthened walls for the more dangerous experiments I did a little while ago!」

It sounds casual, like some sort of corpse store. Truly like a necromancer. Did you die? Are we alright?

「Well, let’s prepare. You guys have dimensional storages, so can you bring a variety of items?」

「Leave it to me.」

Should we carry luggage? Well, our odds of survival will rise, so I will bring as much as I can.

「First of all, with this and this, Oh, I will bring this too, that is also necessary, I wonder, I will bring this and this, anyway I am not carrying it. Then, with this and that -」

『Isn’t that too much?』

A small mountain was made on the floor in a matter of seconds. From potion-like objects to strange instruments, there’s a lot of variation. Inside, there were amusing skeleton-shaped lamps, pendants that simulated zombies, and tools that I would hesitate to even touch.


『Those, Urushi! Stop it. Do not know what that does! 』

「Kuu …」I can not smile because it could be seriously cursed.

『It can’t be helped, I’m going to put half of it in.』


While listening to Jean saying who knows what, we finished stowing the items in about an hour.

「We’re ready!」

『Is it finally time to start?』


「Yes, let’s go.」

We left the laboratory with Jean leading us. The question is, how do we get to the floating island?

『What is the way to go to Floating Island?』


「Hey, I’m a necromancer, I don’t use magic like that!」

Does that mean there is a technique of flying in the sky for evil magic or nether witchcraft?


「Fahahaha. Well keep watching! You’ll know soon! Bernardo!」


「Are you ready?」

Where did you come from? B. When did you get here?

「Bernardo will guide you to the back of the laboratory. There is a magic circle about 10 meters in diameter, and magic stones were arranged on top of it in a regular pattern.」

「Well! It is good!」

「Thank you for the hard work.」

「Let’s show it at once! Pay attention to the essence of my magic!」

Jean who screamed so, crossed his hands in front of himself and pushed up towards the bag and the sky. He began to recite spells without notice.

It is perfectly a behavior of someone else (Tl: it said Kitami, but who knows who that is), but now it suited Jean well. I was watching from the yards and I had no sense of incongruity at all.



Well, I can’t deny it. Continuously spiraling while saying an aria, strike a pose, a spiraling magical spirit swirls around Jean as he continues casting spells, it’s certainly like a cool magician.



Even so, it takes a long time. He has been chanting for about 3 minutes now. It has this long of a chant.

And after another 3 minutes.

「—- Overspec · Undead · Summoning!」

Along with a powerful cry, the magic circle lights up in jet black light. It is such an overwhelming sight that the black light fountain is shining vigorously from the ground.

「Kahahaha, please come out, my servant! Your name is Andy!」


『Wow! What is that!』



We saw the foot that appeared to crawl out of the magic circle, we were surprised. Fran’s eyes shone brightly, but Urushi raised his guard. I was also a bit wary.

When the ceremony ended, the skeleton Jean summoned exceeded the magic circle’s length of 10 meters. It’s probably a Wyvern. Not the Lesser Wyvern that I fought before, but the larger, more powerful genuine Wyvern.

「Ha ha ha … … How is Kuhahahagahogo ho! (TL: okay, what? Lol did he interrupt himself to laugh?) How is it! Isn’t it amazing!」

His heart was throbbing, he was sweating and his breathing was rough – I guess it was more tiring than I’d thought… But the result is worth bragging about. It’s so cool, and has such a strong magical power…

Race name: Skeleton · Wyvern ·

Overspec: Ghost Story: Monster Lv 30

Condition: Contract, weak point relaxation

HP: 1034

MP: 433

Foot strength: 539

Physical strength: 551

Agility: 531

Intelligence: 10

Magical power: 93

Devices: 55


Threat: Lv 6, Covert: Lv 3, Appraisal Disturbance: Lv 3, Depression: Lv 6, Reproduction: LvMax, Magical Barrier: Lv 5, Vengeance, Poison Invalid.

The status far exceeds Lesser Wyvern. Also, I have one skill I have not seen.

『A Ghost? I haven’t seen this before…』

Ghost Spirit: Complex skills of superior evil spirits who have a strong grudge.

Due to the influence of appraisal disturbance, the effect is not understood at the same time.

「The evil spirit is a synthetic skill that combines several skills.The effects include Flight, Magic use, Physical tolerance, Mental status resistance, Grudge conversion, a status increase, Light magic resistance, Recovery magic obstruction and Purification. It becomes a skill that combines weak points of necromancy.」

Indeed, it is a skill that combines various effects. It would be difficult to fight.

「Although it has beneficial effects such as flying, it can be said that it is a double-edged sword that also increases its weaknesses.Though we can reduce the weaknesses with our magic, worry is unavoidable.」

「Weakness reduction?」

『Now that you mention it, that’s how it is. The name is also something strange. Overspec?』

「Well, it is the effect of the technique called Overspec, undead summoning」

It seems to be a technique you can learn at Lv 5 of the Netherworld magic. Is not it a high level technique! The effect also has a tremendous thing.

Undead’s HP, MP, strength, physical strength, agility of +200, play Lv + 5, weak points relief, unparalleled performance which is summarized by this technique. Instead, it seems that the undead summoned through it will simply disappear after 24 hours. That’s still strong. If the weaknesses of the ghosts are reduced, it will be enough for defense.

No, despite the insecurity of defense, I want the skills of ghosts. If equipped only at the time of movement, you can move by flight.

『Can you get Ghost skills if you go to the dungeon?』

「Do you want to be have ghost skills?」

『Oh, it’s the flight that’s in there that I want.』

「If it is then, you better absorb this.」

Jean takes out things like jewels from the bosom. It was a special magic tool that can summon the dead spirit who is the Lord of the magic stone by incorporating the Devil’s Manastone. It seems to be called a summons ball.

「I will give you a magic stone in this」

『I think it’s okay, I think it’s a fairly powerful manastone.』

「It’s fine, it’s a demonic stone called Berserker Ghoul, but it’s always a troublesome devil in a frenzied state.It attacks regardless of your friend or friend. Take it as if you have something to use Oh, but let us serve you guys! 」

So, I decided to have the magical stone and to be thankful. I will return this debt in the dungeon.




I will cut a magic stone thrown into the air by the Fran.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a powerful magic stone. And I get a ghost skill, a decaying fang: Lv 1,. The decaying rot makes the partner rot, that is, it seems to be a corrosive attack.

And, vampire skills. Lucky. I got a means of flying with this. I might even be able to go to floating island by myself.

『I will equip it immediately』


Devil skill set!

『Oh, oh?』


What is this feeling. As Fran says, it’s fluffy and strange. I can see something. warm. It sounds like a sunny day … …. Oh, I feel good.

「This is! Dude, hey, Teacher, you’re dangerous! Get rid of your evil skill now!」


「Gow Gow Gow!」

Something like a dog is barking. It would happened to be towards?

「Are you listening? Get rid of your evil skills!」

『Nanka, like rising into heaven -』

「Master please!」

Ah, pleasure -.


Ah, it was dangerous. I was literally ascending.

「Are you okay?」

『Oh, I’m fine.』

Apparently it seems that strong grudge skill is necessary, as its name suggests, in order to control evil skills. I do not have such a thing, evil skill set → no grudge → There is nothing to remember → Buddha! That’s what it seems to have become.

Fran should be like that as well, but it seems that it did not become a compulsory Buddha visit due to the connection between the body and the soul, instead it just became a state of trance.

In the case of myself, because the soul is contained in the instrument called the sword, the power to hold back to this world seems to be weak.

Evil skill is sealled.

「Well, I got interesting data! Thank you!」

『I almost died! 』

「Ha ha ha, I got a valuable information, is that not enough?」

Damn. In this case, he is seriously talking about his bad feeling.

『Hey. enough. Let’s start quickly.』

「Then, get on Andy」


「Because there are so many places to grab, hold on where ever you want」

Well, it’s a bone. Fran is caught between the wings and holds the spine tightly. Urushi returned to her shadow. Jean is sitting on his neck.

「Are you ready?」


「Well, let’s go, fly away, Andy!」


Andy started flapping with Jean’s shouting. Thinking normally, there is no way to fly with the wings of the bone, but Wyvern ‘s giant ignored gravity and flew into the sky. It is an effect of the ghost skill.

「Fuha! Aim is the undead’s dungeon!」



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