I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 70

Chapter 70: ANDY


Jean called out Andy and he is truly capable.

Beyond the extraordinary altitude we have gone beyond a bit, it will rise with Gungun(TL: I believe this is a sound effect for fast, it appears later as well). Moreover, thanks to the magical barriers, coldness and wind pressure are also reduced, and comfort is also comfortable.

「So high!」(Fran)

「Fahahaha, those who live on the ground are like garbage!」(Jean)

「Yeah, trash!」(Fran)

『Stop saying garbage. Ants is cuter!』I only remembered later that calling them ants is still pretty mean…

「I see it!」(Jean)

As we passed through the clouds, an island of huge rocks appeared in front of us, floating in the blue sky. The sight was honestly overwhelming.

『Ooooooo! Awesome!』


「Ou ou.」(Urushi)

It’s a homerun! I feel touched. (TL: roughly translated to “It’s Rapes! Yeah, I was touched!” but that felt wrong in more ways than one, lol. So I used a couple more sites to help and came out with homerun. Also, I think it was a reference? ラピュ〇だ!)

Andy keeps flapping towards the island unaffected.

『Are we going in now?』

「Well, what do you think Teacher? Don’t you want to finally rush into the dungeon?」(Jean)

「Not on dungeon yet?」(Fran)

「Dungeon is a term that refers to what is in the sphere of influence of the dungeon core, so whatever is in the sky, or rather, whatever the magic power of the dungeon core can reach is part of the dungeon.」

It seems Jean’s words have raised a flag as I felt massive signs of something coming towards us.

『Somethings coming!』

「Until you land on the floating island, some demons named Bone Birds will attack you in a large flock.」(Jean)


「Countermeasure? Fahahahahaha, just break through the front, it’s a flock of small fry.」(Jean)

「I see!」(Fran)

『That’s not the kind of size we can just break through!』

「But they’re faster than Andy, it’s impossible to escape.」(Jean)

『Is there something like a tool or a barrier to eliminate the undead?』

「Tools like that aren’t convenient for such small fry! Though there is a technique to eliminate undead, I can’t use it so close to Andy.」

So we can only break through from the front? Damn, I’ll use brute force then!

「Fahahaha! Andy! Full of rage, but this is good!」(Jean)



『I can’t be helped! I’ll do it loudly!』


That’s how we entered a battle with the Bone Bird flock. As individuals, they are G rank. However, there’s around 1,000 birds. Bone Birds cluster like clouds, even if they were knocked down or defeated, it feels like there’s no progress.

With the blessings that Andy releases, Jean’s magic, Fran’s sword swings, Flying around in the air and Urushi knocking down birds one after another, we’re bound to make a dent though…

「- Reverse Undead!」(Jean)

「- Fire, Arrow!」(Fran)

「Gagaoou!」(A beast)

「Gollo Ooh!」(A beast)

Me? I flew away from Fran. (TL: Not too sure about these next lines, seems rather rude to Jean) Everything was wrong with Jean. I will be missed when I become like this.

What Fran is using now was a phantom sword of the phantom stone that she took from Guillain before. Although it is a sword with the phantom attribute, it also has a small Light attribute so it was quite effective against the undead.

Fran using a sword other than me … I will endure it. (TL: haha, cute)

『Haha! An all you can eat buffet after such a long time! There’s so many magic stones to eat!』

For the flock to be this dense. Even if we jumped around randomly, we would be able to beat the birds without pause.

『It’s a Magic stone festival!』


「Shogyo!」(TL: Animal sounds? キシャァ & ショギョァ)

『That won’t work!』

They try to close my movements with the intimidation skill, but such a low level is meaningless to me.

Name: Bone · Bird : Undead : Demon Lv 3

HP: 18

MP: 6

STR: 7

END: 10

AGI: 16

DEX: 3

INT: 1

MAG: 5

Intimidation:Lv1, Beak Attack:Lv1, Evil Spirit

These guys gave me the skill of the Dead, but since these things are evil spirits I should be careful. Rather, I don’t think I’ll equip it anytime soon… Furthermore, Beak Attack is useless to me, since I don’t have a beak…

After 30 minutes, we broke through the flock of Bone Birds and approached the floating island. When you see it up close, it’s really impressive.

By the way, the skill Evil Spirit seems to be a combination skill of Flight, Magical Emission, Grudge Conversion, Light Magic Weakness, Recovery Magic Weakness and Greater Purification Magic Weakness.

Also, I was told not to equip it. Not that I plan to.



「No, not yet.」(Jean)

『What does that mean?』

「I will know soon – it came!」(Jean)

「Same as Andy?」(Fran)

「Fuha! It looks alike! Andy is a Wind Wyvern skeleton, but they are Lesser Wyverns! They are different grades!」(Jean)

Name: Lesser · Wyvern · Skeleton : Undead : Demon Lv 10

HP: 108

MP: 50

STR: 87

END: 63

AGI: 133

DEX: 12

INT: 1

MAG: 33

Threaten:Lv 3, Covert:Lv 2, Play:Lv 3, Spirit, Poison Nullification

It was a little weaker than the Lesser Wyvern I encountered before, but it seemed that it was going to be hard to beat down with the Play and Undead skills attached. And about 30 such people are there.

Besides that, it is not only that.

『Wow! What’s that? Is that a Cannon?!』

「It’s a bombardment from the island. It could be a stray bullet shot by mistake. Teacher, concentrate on interception.」

『Well, what about the Wyverns? 』

「I will deal with them!」

「You will?」(Fran)

「Fran and Mr. Urushi have not completely shake off Bone Bird yet!」



It’s the last stretch until we can land.

I intercepted the cannonfire, sometimes crushing the shells directly and sometimes intercepting them with magic. Though there were a lot of shells, I managed to prevent us getting hit.


It was dangerous. Although I somehow warped the trajectory with magic, if it was a few moments later we would have been run through by the cannonfire.

『Jean! How did you survive this shelling when you landed last time.』

「That time, I was following a Skeleton Griffon! For my fellows who wore wind armor, these attacks were useless! So, I got in from the front!」

Will it ever end? Besides, there is no longer that skeleton that I have not summoned now. It may be called out with overspec. (TL: Talking about summoning skeletons here I think? ED: … Taking advice on this mystery.)

「Gyo Oho!」

Damn, the wyvern skeletons are getting restless! But because we handled the storm of shells, it got out of hand! It was quite quick, and the attacks of the flock seems not to have been hit directly. If you hit it, you can beat it. (TL: Agreed)

What is this? Is this not silly?

Andy buries its head into a wyvern, biting through fur with its teeth. It’s almost as if he’s saying “Count on me!”

「Thank you, Andy.」(Jean)


But it’s only possible because of Andy pushing himself. It’s impossible to manage this number normally. Regeneration is gradually failing to catch up and Andy’s HP is dangerously low.

『Jean! What are you doing!』

「Wait a moment! I’m preparing it now!」(Jean)

Then I saw it, Jean was in the middle of putting magical power into a summoning ball. Do you still have a trump card to summon?

「Okay! I’m ready! Teacher, Urushi, get back!」

『Roger that.』


「Fran, keep still in case of anything! Believe in me!」


「Fahahaha, that’s a good reply.」

『So? What are you going to do?』

「I’m going to do this! Andy, do it!」(Jean)


「Waa」(TL: Like awe I think) (Fran)


​According to Jean’s command, Andy’s bone body starts to strain and transform. The ribs and sternum swelled, wrapping Jean and Frans, the wings folded like covering the body. Because it’s flying with the evil spirit skill, it won’t affect flight…

It’s as if the wyvern’s neck is growing from a sphere made of bone.

「-Instant summoning!」

Meanwhile, Jean summons a new creature. Instant summoning is a technique to summon a part of a creature for a certain period of time. Although it is much weaker than the main body, there is a merit that even if the body is dead, there is no influence on the main body.


『W-what? Damn it–』

「It’s fine like this!」(Jean)

What Jean called was a bright red slime. The slime started to wrap around us.


「It’s okay!」

Jean said that we should stay as we are. Hey, hey, is it melting? The undead slime called Undead Ooze has completely covered Andy and the party. Meanwhile, although the shell is bending around Andy, it seems that somehow it is enduring. Though I don’t know how long it will last. What will Jean do?

「Andy! It’s been a rough time.」(Jean)


「Well then!」(Jean)

When Jean ordered, Andy changed directions with hurry. It’s form with his head facing away from the floating island.


Andy unleashed a powerful breath that he had charged within himself. A tremendous ray paints the sky white. It’s super powerful without a doubt. Andy then curled itself up like a bullet and sped towards the floating island while crushing several wyverns.

「Fahahaha, good! Andy! You’ve done it exactly as planned!」(Jean)


Andy’s magic power is decreasing with tremendous momentum. Hey, isn’t this dangerous? Certainly if an undead runs out of magic power won’t it disappear? But Andy did not stop releasing the breath and the floating island was rapidly approaching gungun.

「Make sure not to bite your tongue, Fran!」(Jean)



Immediately afterwards a light shock hits us. Apparently it seems that physical barriers were set up, but in front of Andy, those were useless. And….






Andy made a huge crater on the floating island. Despite the fact that Undead Oooz received the shock, it was an incredible shock. Anyway, HP is decreasing for everyone. The body of Undead Oooz has disappeared. Andy, who received the shock the most, had not kept its original shape already. Both whole body and manastone are shattered. It’s only possible to distinguish half a skull.

「Goou … ….」(Andy)

「Andy, we will not forget your loyalty.」(?)

「Thank you.」(?)



『You’re amazing.』

「I’ll send you the last at my end, sleep peacefully. – Ascension」


From the remnants of Andy, the light rises and raises to the heavens. It was a beautiful sight.

「Bye bye」(Fran?)


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