I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 71

Chapter 71: RUSH

Thanks to Andy, two hours after landed on the floating island.

「I saw it, that’s the entrance to the interior of the dungeon!」

We passed through the wandering forest of zombies and skeletons and reached a place like ruins.

There were no noteworthy battles in the forest. The enemies are only lower demon animals,not smart enough to erase any indication of their presence. There are no elements other than a large number that are likely to be a threat. Well, if there’s something of note, it would be the absorption of magic stones and Urushi.

There seemed to be traces of a staircase that descended into the basement in the center of a group of ruins.

「It’s here, the last time I was exhausted before I got here, but this time I still have plenty of time!」

『What should I look out for? There’s plenty of dangerous traps, aren’t there? Last night I heard about a secret plan.』

「Leave the leading to me, you guys should concentrate on battle.」

「all right」(Fran)

「On on!」(Urushi)

「Wait a moment, please.」(Jean)

Jean takes out the summon ball again and begins to cast.

「—- High undead summoning!」

What was summoned was a deadly monster. It looks a little like a zombie? A mummy with good skin? It had such a feeling. Looking at it from a distance, it may seem like a slightly thin person with brown skin. It also wore clothes knitted with warp yarns.

「Thy name is Sercan!」(Jean)


//TL: This will be cleaned up by the Editor and the right words will be put in place when he sees it. I’m too lazy, if you care all that much, check out previous chapters skill sheets and you’ll find the correct terms. Where’s that shrug emoji when you need it?

Tribal Name: Custom · Revenant: Dead

Spirit: Demon Lv 14

Name: Sercan

HP: 69

MP: 165

Power: 33

Strength: 23

Agility: 66

Intelligence: 109

Magical power: 25

Devices: 93


Play: LvMax, momentary playback: Lv 4, trap cancellation: Lv 5, trap detection: Lv 4, playback enhancement

(good luck with that)

「Kuku, this is a specially made servant whom I made improvements on with custom undead techniques for this day!」

It is a devil devoted exclusively to leadership. It seems to be at the expense of combat power, but playing power is not hampered. Looking for traps and dismantling them, it becomes a wall of flesh that takes on the trap with himself if you don’t do it. Well, convenient and incompetent.

「Fahahaha … I will go, Sercan, lead us!」


However, Sercan was tremendously useful. Most traps canceled out, or it starts and disables them.

It seems that Jean has supplemented the magic power necessary for regeneration, so there is no worry of falling down or death.


Gashakon! (TL: Sound effect)

Oh, it was skewered to the spear that came down from the ceiling! I could not cancel it, nor catch it on purpose and invalidated it. However, Sercan plays it’s role immediately and walks as if nothing had happened.

I did not do a good job.

In addition, Jean only said once, but it already grasped its internal structure (TL: I don’t know who’s grasping internal structures but someone is). We almost never stopped and we had been searching steadily.

The zombies that occasionally appear are destroyed before attacking fran with my attack.


「Well, here it is not」(Jean)

『What do you mean? 』

「The last time, supplies have run out in the hall ahead of us and we’ve had to turn back, so I don’t know what’s in there.」(Jean)

「Is there something in the hall?」(Fran)

「There’s a monster room, in which you will see an intermediate demon beast」

Apparently there seems to be a stairway to get down to the basement in a place beyond that hall. The speed of advance will fall considerably. There’s probably a new gimmick.

First of all is a hall.

『Well, it’s all about the preemptive magic strike.』



And annihilation begins (TL: lol, I’m totes using that line somewhere). About 30 of the dead spirits collapsed in the first magic. Still, there are still more than 50 bodies left. But that wasn’t all. From the magic room (circle?), the evil spirits gushed out one after another.

Inside is mixed with intermediate demons such as zombie soldiers equipped with weapons and armor, skeleton warriors, and magical beasts.

『let’s go!』



Well, it’s not our worst enemy. Rather, a monster room without traps, it’s easy for frans to fight. Flame magic works well also.

In only 20 minutes all the spirits were put back into the corpses.

「well done!」(Jean)

『If you have this degree of opponent』

「Oh, novice」(???)

「Nom Nom」(Urushi)

Urushi is as usual. Why doesn’t eating zombie meat break your belly? Or is it rather tasty? No, it seems that everything goes well with rot, it’s unexpected … …? Well, I hope it’s delicious.

「Do you have any injuries?」

「I’m okay」

Then Jean purifies the room and we decide to take a rest for about an hour. In the meantime I will make a meal but I take out the curry at the request of Fran.

「Oh, supreme」(Fran)

『You never get tired of it.』

Every time let her eat it, she praises me every time. It is not a lie that if I had a tail it would be standing tall.

Jean also had had some curry, and he seems to like it quite a bit. I’ve changed it twice.


Don’t look at me like that Fran! I still have plenty! The children become very aggressive when it comes to food.

Jean gave Urushi the femur of a Skeleton Lizard. He was gnawing on the bone, As Urushi also experienced a blessing.

Because I am have time and am taking a break, I decided to tell Jean about the undead spells. I thought of Amanda at the time, but who better to ask than the lord of the undead himself? I , but I would definitely know who heard the advanced party more than examine himself.

「Kahahaha … it is difficult to raise knowledge, but you have a good idea! It was good to hear!」

Jean is a researcher and I thought that if I could hear it would teach me …. Rather, he was a man of a system he wanted to speak, to talk about things not even heard. As a result, you got to know a lot about the evil spirit.

I was particularly surprised about the concept of the soul. I thought that the undead magic was manipulating the soul of the dead or manipulating it with the soul possessed by the corpse, but that was not the case.

It seems that the power may cause part of the soul that should originally go to the nether world to stay in this world. And the fragments of the soul in which imperfections and power are put together are combined with the magic stone, transforming it into a powerful evil spirit.

So it was generally recommended that a necromancer cast a ghost spirit. Because they can be cleansed by serving a Necromancer and can ascend. For grudge who wanders while suffering with gratitude, it can be called salvation. Besides, if you serve as one body, you will also have 1 Vengeous Spirit that you dislike people. Among them are those who are going through countries to purify the evil spirits and ascend.

「Well, I’m not that kind of fond of getting up to it, instead of ascending, I will lend you my power, a way of saying “Give and Take”. Even if I make things disposable, I’m grateful, so laughter will not stop, Yo!」

『I’m telling you, but you used Ascension for Andy, did not you?』

The technique of Ascension which Jean used for Andy was a technique to clear up the grudge of the dead spirit and ascend the fragments of the soul. It was a famous magic typical of nether witchcraft, which was also mentioned in the information examined in the library.

Although it is slight, it is a technique that interferes with the soul, so consumption is severe, depending on the strength of purification grudge it is even to reduce the life expectancy of the caster. Indeed, Jean did not become a fighting force for a while after it landed. Andy would have disappeared if it left as it was, and one should not use Ascension by force.

「Well, it’s about that extent that we can do it, for a short while, for Andy who served with loyalty, he is for the hands at least, are not you complaining?」(Jean)

「No, not for such a good guy」(Fran)

『No complaints』


「Is that so, right?」(Jean)

Something, it’s a breezy atmosphere. However, Jean seems embarrassed that she made such an atmosphere. My ears are red. And, in order to change the topic, I just started to talk about the future by further raising the voice of the crowd. Well, it’s okay though.

「Fufa, Fuha! Well, next will be the second tier!」(Jean)

『Is there any information?』

「No, not at all!」(Jean)

Why do they look great?

「But please be calm. There are measures!」(Jean)


「This is it!」(Jean)

What Jean took out is a familiar summons ball.

『What’s in it?』

「If you see it you will understand! So fufufu, you won’t forget it!」

Then Jean began to recite the summoned spell again.


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