I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 72



“ -High undead, summoning!” (Jean)

It appeared from the undead summon stone of Jean’s. What came out though? Fog? Vapor? It was something indefinitely whitish.

“Cloud?” (Teacher)

“This is the secret of dungeon capturing, it’s a custom ghast fly.”

//TL: Again, I don’t remember what these things are actually supposed to be and I don’t want to hunt through comments. If that kind soul would comment again, I’ll go about fixing these things.

Race name: custom ghast

Dead Spirit: Demon lv 7

Name: Fly

HP: 22

MP: 401

Power: 8

Stamina: 13

Agility: 36

Knowledge: 89

Maka: 210

Devices: 19

Skill: Dissolution: lv 7, Map creation: lv 6, communication: lv 3, shadow classe: lv 7, magical absorption: lv 6, trap detection: lv 3, Evil spirit, physical attack nullification

This thing seems to specialize exploring.

Fran reaches out to touch it, as well as Urushi who imitates Fran by trying to bite it. Even I cannot catch the fume like fly.

“Oooh” (Fran)

“Wow” (Teacher)

Just this is interesting. The white smoke stagers over and over. If we weren’t inside the dungeon, we wouldn’t be able to see it.

“Fly can send information from the map creation to me through the mind! Even without doing anything, you can get a map of the dungeon! Kahahaha! I cannot get rid of this shaking by myself!” (TL: I guess he’s excited?) (Jean)

Certainly, without Fly, mapping would be crazy.

“Go, Fly!” (Jean)

By Jean’s order, the fly begins to divide into twenty bodies. One body is weak but it’s not battle power we’re concerned about. Fly starts to move quietly. At first glance it seems like the smoke is following the air current.

“After about ten minutes we can get a map of what’s up ahead.”

“Leave it to me!” (Fly?)

Is it not pampant yet? It’s only a small fish. (TL: I think it’s talking about the amount of ghasts that are running about) Fran is posing with Urushi, having a motivated face.

“Last time I didn’t do this to find out about the floors. I just went ahead to scout.” (Jean)

“So is this structured floors in your mind?” (Teacher) Certainly you’re not saying there’s no information of this floor at all?

“No, I couldn’t break through this area before, so I don’t know the layout ahead, but there’s no problems as we’ve made improvements.” (Jean)

“Don’t you understand what’s ahead?” (Teacher)

“Well, there’s something that I know of only one. It’s the mimic spirit you’re looking for, but it appears up ahead. They are the one that blocked Fly’s way.” (Jean)

“Really? Okay, let’s go!” (Teacher)

“Nn.” (Fran)

“Ou!” (Urushi)

“Before we go, let’s have a drink before the battle” (Jean)

“What is this?” (Teacher)

“Fuhahaha! It’s a specially made spirit potion. It has the effects of reducing damage from the dead and increasing resistance against special attacks such as spirit control.” (Jean)

“Amazingly high-performance! Isn’t it petty valuable.” (Teacher)

“It’s not a big deal. If it’s on the market, it’s about 200,000 gold.” (Jean)

“High!” (Teacher or Fran, I forgot)

200,000 gold is the same as the reward for success. Is this okay?

“For me, it’s not that much money, don’t mind it! We’ll just take more than that in materials.” (Jean)

Truly a B rank adventurer. 200,000 is a lot of money

“Let’s get to it” (Fran)

“Also, feel free to use stuff I give you. It’s me who will be troubled if you leave.” (Jean)

I’m happy with this type of client, because I am a poor man. I hesitate to use items, even with RPGs, leaving things like elixirs and world trees (TL:?? Unfamiliar with RPGs and items in them) until the end. But that’s dangerous. If Fran was in danger, I guess I wouldn’t say such a thing, but that’s how I usually think.

“We’re going into a long corridor where it extends to the entrance to the second floor, enemies there use hypnotism attacks.” (Jean)

“Well then!” (Teacher)

“Oooo… …” (spirit)

“Damn! THis one is also different! Well then, you!” (Jean?)


“This is not it!” (Teacher)


“Owio” (spirits)

“Ah! This is annoying! Which is the spoofed spirit?” (Teacher)

Ghost, Specter, etc. attacks back and for forth, right and left, sometimes coming through walls and floor to attack.

But this was the corridor we’ve been looking for. There’s mimic spirits among the attacks. There’s also spoofed spirits which are like subordinates of the mimic spirits.

We are constantly activating the fire attribute to maximize damage, they continue to disguise as dead spirits. Our strategy would be impossible without the magic tank called me. Actually, I raised the level of magic absorption.

Because the bodies of the spirits in the dead system consists of magical power, they’re weak against absorption.

So, because of attacking and magical supply, magic absorption increased to level 3.

With this, the remaining points have decreased to one, but it’s a skill that’ll be advantageous in the long run, I think there’s no loss in raising it. (TL: I guess rather than saying he raised it naturally through combat, he used points to raise the level artificially, it was a little confusing so I thought I’d explain)

As a result, if combined with attribute sword, most of the spirits could be knock down in a single shot. My magic power is still around 1500. Afterwards, it would be perfect if I could take an appraisal camouflage from a spoofed spirit.

Actually, it’s easier to annihilate with widespread magic. Then destroy magic stones. I just want to get appraisal camouflage by all means.

“Jean! I can’t find a camouflage spirit?” (Teacher)

“Mm, I have not.” (Jean)

“Are you sure?” (Teacher)

“I don’t understand?” (Jean)

(TL: okay, I have no idea on this next like [いると信じて戦うんだ]) “Believe that’s you’re fighting and fight!” (Teacher)

“Ou ou” (Urushi)

It also places a considerable burden on Fran. If you think that it’s a mimic spirit and attack it, there’s a chance of it being a spoofed spirit. In order to prevent damage to the magic stones, I only have try to attack the mimic spirits.

Then Fran only has to deal with the spirits other than the mimics.

The spiritual abnormality coming from the ghosts are not at all an issue due to Jean’s spirit potion. Physical attacks aren’t a big deal. To Fran, they’re only annoying.

Then 30 minutes into the fight.

“Now is…” (Teacher)

Mimic spirits have a lot of magic I feel like. I hurriedly check my skills.

Obtained appraisal camouflage.

“Damn! It came!” (Teacher)

“Yosh! This is good already.” (Jean)

“Ou!” (Urushi)

“At last” (Fran)

“Oooo” (Fly?)

After that, the furious fighting kept for half an hour more, soon settled down. Everybody used widespread magic so it was completed because of that.

“Nn?” (Fran)

“Oh?” (Jean)

No, even I can see. I wanted camouflage. Well, since it might be hard work, let’s give up. (TL: This was confusing as well [鑑定偽装が欲しかったんだ。まあ、必要な苦労だったと思って、諦めてくれ])

“Congratulations” (Jean)

“I tried to set it, but how is it? Can you see with soul eye? I tried to conceal the skill and to make it look lower than the actual status.” (Teacher)

“Hmm… Well, it’s a success, it looks like half the status I saw before.” (Jean)

“What about skills?” (Fran)

“I don’t see any skills at all, however, it’s better to research a little more. It’s doubtful that you don’t have any skills. We should adjust it so that it looks safe.” (Jean)

“Oh, I know.” (Teacher)

How to disguise it?

Well, I’m having fun. Showing the disguised status to those who appraise Fran. “Fighting strength is just 5, garbage.” Let me think, it’s also possible to do, “I have 530,000 battles.” (TL: He’s talking about what others might think when they see with appraisal for the first one. The second one was more like blowing people out of the water with shock, lol)

“Kukuku, I’m looking forward to it.” (Teacher)

“Teacher, bad voice.” (Fran)

“Ouou” (Urushi)


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