I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: My first time using Magic

It’s the day after I killed the Lesser Wyvern.

I rose to the sky and looked for the Pedestal; because it’s daytime, I could see farther, so I thought I’d have better luck finding it.

My suspicion turns out true, and I discover the pedestal a considerable distance away. It was terrible of me to leave it so far behind, so I planned to return to the pedestal immediately.


With that, I flew to the pedestal in great haste. I encountered Demonic Beasts along the way, but I pierced through all of their Magic Stones immediately; they were delicious. For me, who experienced heated combat with the Wyvern last night, lower leveled Demonic Beasts have stopped trying to confront me.

The farther away from the Pedestal, the stronger the Demonic Beasts seem to become. Conversely, the Demonic Beasts are weaker the more one approaches the Pedestal.

Surely, this is caused by the strange Magic which spreads out of the Pedestal. Perhaps it was set that way as a sort of Barrier. Because I had been using MP a lot recently, I was able to get that sort of feeling from the area. I don’t know who made such a thing, though. I wonder if it was my creator?

I arrived before even 1 hour passed, thanks to charging straight with all my power. In the end, moving during the day is the most efficient.

Although I was only gone for one night, I missed this place. It feels comfortable to be in the presence of the Barrier.

『Uooー! Pedestal! I’ve returned!』

With that, I dive into the pedestal.

*Supo* [1]

Mm, with this I can relax. It’s very calming inside of the Pedestal. After all, this place is my home. This Pedestal is a space of healing.

『Fuu. At last I can take a breath〜』

For a while, I spend time simply looking up at the clouds. Ahh, I feel at ease.

Taking breaks is quite enjoyable.

『Fufufufu…… Aーhahahaha! At last! I’m no longer just a simple sword, Jo**!』[2]

Yes, because I have Magic.

During yesterday’s Goblin extermination, I obtained the Fire Magic Skill from a Goblin Mage. THE long-awaited Magic.

『Fire Magic set.』

Preparations complete.

I focus my consciousness. I’ve used Skills many times, so I should be able to use Magic one way or another. That’s what I thought, but —

『Nothing’s happening.』

I can’t get the feeling of how to use Magic. I groaned and finished. That’s all.

『Why? Is it a lack of Magic Power? No, that Goblin Mage didn’t seem to have more than me…… For the time being, I’ll try setting all the Mage’s Skills.』

I set Minerology, Leadership, Staff Arts, Quarterstaff Arts, Fire Magic, MGC ↑ Low, and Magic Manipulation, and then prayed for success. With that, a number of images appeared.

Fire ・Arrow and Fire ・Shield? Then, I’ll choose Fire ・Arrow.

If it’s going to be my first spell, it has to be Attack Magic!

『Ohh, the image of the incantation appeared.』

I try reading the incantation, which floated into my mind, out loud. As I did so, I could feel Magic Power flow from my blade.

『Fire ・Arrowー!』

*Shuon* [3]

An arrow made out of flame is produced in the air in response to my shout.

『Oh, Ohhh?』

The finished flame arrow then flies like a genuine arrow into the distance. The Magic was a success.

『Aーhahaha! Success!』

The Fire Arrow’s power was only to the degree that it burnt some ground. It it’s like that, then it would be 100 times better to just rush in myself — but it’s different. The important thing is that I was able to use Magic all on my own.

『Then, onto the next! Fire ・Shield!』

A small buckler of flame is produced.

『Hmm. But how strong is it?』

I use Telekinesis to throw a stone. I’ll test it using power only to that degree. It’s thrown at about 130㎞/hour? The Shield seems to prevent it. Then I throw the 2nd, and then the 3rd.

Well, it seems that it can only be used to that degree.

The Shield managed to prevent the third shot, then disappeared. It might be able to prevent arrows, but it’s doubtful it would be effective against swords and axes.

After that, I played with magic for a short while. The MP consumption seems to be ~5 for both spells, so if I were to improve them, continuous use should be possible.

『Fire・Arrow! Fire・Arrow! Hyahhoー!』

I calmed down after ~30 minutes passed. A couple of shrubs may have caught on fire, but that might just be my imagination.

『Fuu. That reminds me, I still have to properly inspect these Skills.』

I’ll be setting the Skills needed to use Magic, so first I remove any Skills that seem unrelated.

The ones remaining were: Staff Arts, Quarterstaff Arts, Fire Magic, MGC ↑ Low, and Magic Manipulation.

『These two don’t seem that related.』

I removed Staff Arts and Quarterstaff Arts.

『Fire ・Arrow!』

It seemed to activate without a problem. Next, I should exclude MGC ↑ Low.

Again, I could still use Magic. Next, Magic Manipulation. At that point, I only had it and Fire Magic set.

『It can’t be used.』

I set Magic Manipulation once again.

『Fire ・Arrow.』


It seems that Magic Manipulation is required to use Magic. I’ll have to leave it on from now on; that way, I won’t have to be worried if I get another skill with a similar name to Fire Magic.

『Maybe I should also set Vigor Manipulation? Magic Manipulation is needed for Magic, so I wonder what Vigor Manipulation is used for?』

The Skills that I received from the previous owner of Vigor Manipulation — the Goblin King — are: Coercion, Sword Techniques, Sword Arts, Leadership, Raise Morale, Shield Arts, Provocation, Throwing, Ambition, and Vigor Manipulation.

It it Sword Arts? No, there’s no new techniques related to the Sword. — What’s this?

After inspecting Sword Techniques, I found that it allowed usage of techniques with Vigor Manipulation. The techniques seem to be MP-consuming abilities for Warriors to use.

There’s Double ・Slash, which creates a twin attack, and Heavy ・Slash, which is something like a certain-kill technique. These are also quite interesting.

『Shall I try them immediately?』

If I have stronger techniques, then I can fight against stronger Demonic Beasts. The benefits will also apply to regular hunting.

『Goblin hunting has already been completed, so perhaps I should try going on a little excursion?』

[1] Essentially the sound of sliding into something — in this case, it’s Sword-bro sliding into the Pedestal.

[2] Reference to Dio from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Thanks to R1CK_D0M for pointing that out!

[3] The sound of something being generated, I think.

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Just so you’re all aware, I’ll be moving to a new Apartment on Sunday, so the chance of me having time to translate that day is very low.


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