I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Fierce Battle! The menace of Area 5

It’s the been 10 days since I started wielding Magic.

My day-to-day life hasn’t changed; I spent my time striking fear into the hearts of Demonic Beasts by slaughtering them. Alongside that, I absorbed enough Magic Stones for Self-Evolution’s rank to reach 5.

I’ve also gained a large number of Skills, as well as Skill Proficiency. The hideout of Gourmet Orcs, which is a subspecies of Orc, was especially delicious as they had a great number of Techniques and Magic Skills.

As for their racial characteristics, most of them had a high level of Cooking and Dismantling, both going up to about Lv5. It’s laughable, but despite being a Skill that I’ve had no opportunity to use, now the only Skill with a level higher than those is Sword Arts.

80% of the Plains have been dominated, so now it’s something akin to my personal garden.

『Alright, shall I go?』

The next thing to do would be to explore outside of the Plains. It’s a place that I named “Area 5” without permission.

Somehow or another, the strength of the Demonic Beasts isn’t distributed evenly around here. The farther away from the Pedestal’s Barrier in the Plains, the stronger the Demonic Beasts. It seems that around the Pedestal, only small fish like Goblins appear — I’ve designated that area as Area 1. As the number increases, so too does the strength of the surrounding Demonic Beasts.

And for now, Area 5 is set as the maximum difficulty.

Outside of Area 5 is completely uncharted territory. But from what I can see, the Plain suddenly becomes a Forest. Occasionally, I can catch a glimpse of Demonic Beasts that move between the trees, but they don’t seem much different from the small fries from Areas 1 and 2. There certainly don’t seem to be any that’re stronger than the Demonic Beasts of Area 5.

Well, as for the question of why Demonic Beasts of Area 5 don’t just go there, I might be able to understand once I’ve reached there.

『There’re no small fries.』

As the Area increases on the Plains, the number of Demonic Beasts tend to decrease. Instead, the Area widens, and the number of large Demonic Beasts increases. In Area 4, which was my main battlefield until yesterday, I was only able to hunt about 20 of them per day. But, because the Magic Stones’ values exceed 15 each, the gain is overwhelmingly more than simply hunting 100 Goblins.

Ah, by the way, this is my current Status:


Race:Intelligent Weapon

ATK:314 MP:1000/1000 Durability:800/800


Appraisal:Lv6, High-Speed Self-Repair, Self-Evolution〈Rank 5・Magic Stone Status: 1366/1500・Memory: 34・Points: 23〉, Self-Modification, Telekinesis, Telekinesis ↑ Low, Telepathy, ATK ↑ Low, Owner ALL Stats ↑ Low, Owner HP Recovery ↑ Low, MP ↑ Low, Memory ↑ Low, Demonic Beast Knowledge, Skill Sharing, Sorcery

With regards to Skills, I changed them a lot, so I honestly can’t grasp all of them. Among them, there’re a lot of Skills that can’t even be used, too.

As for ones that I use all the time, Sword Arts has a Skill Lv. Up bonus, so its level is particularly high.

Initially, it didn’t do much, but once its Level exceeded 3, it started showing overwhelming effects. As it increases one’s ability to manipulate a sword, what do you think happens if you are a sword? I became able to attack my opponent’s weak points with deadly accuracy.

In addition, my ability to elude the attacks of giant Demonic Beasts also increased. Because I have the body of a sword, it’s no exaggeration to say that this Skill rose both my Offense and Defense.

『Oh, a Demonic Beast!』

Race :Goblin :Evil Beast :Demonic Beast Lv3

HP:10 MP:2 STR:7 END:9 AGI:8 INT:4 MGC:2 DEX:7


Cooking:Lv1, Vigilance:Lv1, Poison Resistance:Lv1

Description: An evil being born of a fragment of the Evil God, which was destroyed 100,000 years ago. These beings are born with strong malice and hatred towards those not of their own Race, so it’s impossible for it to them to live in harmony with others. They excel in Agility and Dexterity, and they’re violent and cruel by nature. Upon discovery, it is recommended to exterminate these beings immediately. Threat Level: G

Magic Stone Position:Center of the body: Solar Plexus.

I discover a Goblin walking near the end of Area 2. The Goblins’ nest was annihilated, but you can still see them occasionally.

As for the explanation provided under the rest of its Status, it’s the effect of Demonic Beast Knowledge, which I gained using Self-Evolution Points. It’s capable of being used in tandem with Appraisal.

Thanks to that, battles have become much easier, as the weak point of Demonic Beasts, the Magic Stone, has becomes clear. With that, I’m able to turn my initial attack into a certain-kill.

『But seriously, remove on sight…? They’re treated just like cockroaches.』

This is the first time I’ve met a Goblin after gaining Demonic Beast Knowledge, but I’m getting the feeling that they’re more evil than I initially thought. Well, that could simply be because I’m human-like. I was originally a human, and so I’ve decided to side with the humans at least. I’ll just turn these guys into EXP from now on.

In that way, I move while hunting Demonic Beasts and viewing their descriptions.


I had come up with a great movement method the other day.

1: Use Telekinesis at maximum firepower, and blast off.

2:Entrust my descent to free-falling.


I had thought of it while using the Telekinesis Catapult Attack. I name it: The Telekinesis Catapult Movement Method. Because the only expenditure occurs at the start, I can save MP.

Repeating the Telekinesis Catapult Movement Method, I arrived at Area 4 before noon. The Demonic Beasts in Area 4 are quite formidable. The amount of opponents I can defeat with one attack decreases, and a fair amount of Durability is decreased by attacks from the other side. Where my Durability doesn’t decrease by the attacks of Goblins at all, attacks from the Demonic Beasts in this Area can decrease it by over 100 if I’m hit directly. [1]

And finally, while hunting Demonic Beasts along the way, I reached Area 5.

『Well, what kind of Demonic Beasts will appear in this Area?』

I use multiple exploration Skills to look for the Demonic Beasts. Finding the other party and landing a preemptive strike is very important while hunting, after all. In some cases, they can be defeated while I sustain no damage.

『However, there don’t seem to be any Demonic Beasts.』

I looked around for an hour, but I wasn’t able to discover any Demonic Beasts at all.

Are there perhaps absolutely no Demonic Beasts here? I had named this place Area 5, but is it possible that Area 4 actually had the highest difficulty?

As I thought so, I got a little impatient, but I was able to discover one at the edge of the area. There was a giant reaction in terms of Magical Power. Undoubtedly, it’s a Demonic Beast. Moreover, it’s one of unprecedented strength.

『Uwaaー! What a strong magic power reaction!』

Until now, the Demonic Beast with the strongest Magic Power was a Flare Leopard which was in Area 4; it was a fire-attribute Demonic Beast with a length of ~7-8 meters. I could handle its Fire Magic, but its Magic Stone had a value of 47; it was a brutal fiend.

But this reaction exceeds it.

『Let’s gain a bit of altitude.』

I fly upwards as to not be discovered on the ground. Using Skills, I can conceal my Magic Power as well. Even though the level of each individual Skill is low, when combined the effects of multiple similar Skills, the effect raises. It’d be difficult to detect me if the opponent’s Perception Skills aren’t strong.

『I found it! But… What is it? A puddle?』

On the Plains, a lone Puddle(?) can be seen. It’d be ~5 meters in diameter?

But, from that Puddle, I can sense a strong Magic Power. Hmm… Is there something inside of it?

Should I approach it?

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything inside of the Puddle.

『I should approach it a little more, and then Appraise it.』

As one would expect, Appraisal won’t work with the current altitude difference. I have to get within ~20 meters.

And so, I approached the Puddle.


The surface of the water shook.

The wind? No, the wind wouldn’t be able to shake the entire thing. It seems like some form of gelatin?


The Puddle shook even more, and then overflowed like a fountain, making it give off the illusion of it exploding. Looking closely, it’s not water at all.

『Ugee! It’s a huge Slime!』 [2]

It seems that what I thought was a puddle was actually an extremely consolidated Slime. And so, I reacted by taking a fighting stance.

The Slime’s full length exceeds 15 meters. Its surface if Blue, but within its interior, it’s mixed with Gold. As for its figure, it looks like a huge Steamed Bun made out of water.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Slime this big. Ordinary Slimes are, at best, about 1 meter long. Even the higher ranked ones don’t exceed 2 meters.

And that body of over 15 meters contains transcendant-level Magic Power. It’s… A bit overwhelming.

『Well, first I should use Appraisal.』

Race :Slime Lord :Viscous Spirit :Demonic Beast

HP:620 MP:822 STR:539 END:727 AGI:308 INT:54 MGC:668 DEX:266


Evasion:Lv3, Evasion ↑:Lv4, Fire Resistance:Lv6, Mimicry:Lv6, Absorption:Lv8, Hardening:Lv8, Instant Recovery:Lv7, Abnormal Status Resistance:Lv7, Leap:Lv5, Softening:Lv8, Viscous Body Techniques:Lv7, Viscous Body Arts:Lv8, Physical Attack Resistance:Lv7, Predation:Lv9, Magic Perception:Lv7, Dimensional Storage, Vigor Manipulation, Absorption Enhancement, Strongly Acidic Viscous Body, Digestion Enhancement, Magic Manipulation

Description: The strongest of the Slime species. It preys on the surrounding Demonic Beasts and grows indefinitely; it also has the ability to use Space-Time Magic to keep its opponent in Dimensional Storage, as to use them as a long-term food source. Its minimum Threat Level is C, but it varies depending on the amount of food in its environment; the highest reported Threat Level is A. It is said that such beings have preyed upon even Dragons. A subjugation force should be dispatched immediately upon discovery.

Magic Stone Position:The Center of its body.

Uwaー. This is a pretty dangerous Demonic Beast, huh? Infinite growth…… This fellow before my eyes has a description that makes it seem that it’s incredibly dangerous, but I had already expected that.

Physical Attack Resistance and a Strongly Acidic Viscous Body? If I charge in badly, I’ll definitely be dissolved.

And Viscous Body Techniques is also a pretty nasty Skill. It’s a general term for attacks using the body of a liquid-like body, but the other Slimes I’ve seen only had it at about Lv4. That level was also excellent, as it allowed them to make their body whip-like to attack — but this guy’s is at Lv7.

『I’m getting the feeling that a direct hit is a death flag.』[3]

So, what should I do? Magic? My most effective magic is Fire Magic, but because it has Flame Resistance, it’ll be useless. As for other types of Magic, there don’t seem to be any that’d be effective.

The Slime Lord grows its body, but it still can’t reach me who’s at a raised altitude. However, it seems to have identified me as food due to its high Magic Perception.

Perhaps I could steamroll it with Skills? So long as I whittle away at it, there’ll eventually be a decline in its use of Instant Regeneration. With my battle experience against other Slimes, I know that their attacks using their acidic bodies will give subtle damage, even though I’m a sword. This fellow’s body is incredibly acidic, so I don’t want to have to attack it too many times.

『So, ーUo!』

The body of the Slime Lord bends slowly while its body quivers, and, like a gun, it shoots a piece of its own body like a bullet. A bullet made out of strong acid.

『Not good–!』

Using a Skill to get a grasp of its location, I dodge it somehow. [4] But, with that attack it seems that I can’t remain passive. I don’t have confidence that I can evade attacks more intense than that one.

『Alright, fine. I’ll make this a brief battle. I’ll come with a single certain-kill attack.』

I set Skills related to high-speed mobility and destructive offensive-power, and throw together a combination that’ll allow the strongest Telekinesis Catapult Attack I can use.

But that’s not all.

『I know your habits!』

Using a Skill called Phantom Body, I create an illusion that looks just like me. This guy’s great, as it emits Magic Power similar to that of the main body, making it difficult to see through. [5] In addition, when it takes a physical attack, its internal Magic Power bursts, generating a light shock wave. Its power is only to the degree of an adult hitting with all their might, but it’s effective as a surprise.

With this, my preparations are complete.

『Phantom, charge!』

Without a sound, the phantom rushes straight at the Slime. In response, the Slime Lord extends a tentacle. And with that, the Phantom is struck easily. But that’s fine.

It surely felt the impact that the Phantom gave off. And so, the Slime Lord extends its tentacle once again for interception. That’s important, as while it’s defending,it transports its Magic Stone to the opposite side. Because its body is completely liquid-like, it can freely move the Magic Stone within its body.

But that’s just what I was aiming for. After all, that means that the body covering the Demonic Stone is thin on its back.

『Even in evolution, habits don’t change!』

I begin funneling MP like jet fuel, and rush forward.

In the end, it was nothing more than a simple dash. However, I put my heart and soul into this dash.

『For this attack alone, I intend to give it a name. I’ll name it: The Heavenly Instant-Kill Technique!』 [6]

Because the tension was high I cried out my idea, but if I was calm, it would definitely be rejected. Maybe.

All sound disappeared for an instant. That’s the evidence of moving above the speed of sound.


A mighty roaring echoed throughout the Plains. If I wasn’t a sword and had keen ears, I would have fainted in agony.

The Slime Lord couldn’t react, and a large hole was opened within its body. Of course, its Magic Stone was annihilated as well.


And with that, the Slime Lord stopped moving, and spread out along the ground. It resulted in the dubious spectacle of some mystery-mucous covering the ground.

『Fuu, it seems I won…… Still, that was quite dangerous.』

Nearly half of my blade was dissolved by the mixture. If I was taken into him, I would have disappeared in an instant. And so, it was the correct choice to deal with it in a single blow.

〈 The effects of Self-Evolution have been activated 〉

〈 Self-Evolution Points acquired: 30 〉

Surprisingly, it seems that the value of its Magic Stone was 150. As expected of an advanced Demonic Beast.

Name :Unknown

Race :Intelligent Weapon

ATK :352 MP :1300/1300 Durability :1100/1100


Appraisal:Lv6, High-Speed Self Repair, Self-Evolution〈Rank 6・Magic Stone Status: 1516/2100・Memory: 40・Points: 53〉, Self-Modification, Telekinesis, Telekinesis ↑ Low, Telepathy, ATK ↑ Low, Owner ALL Stats ↑ Low, Owner HP Recovery ↑ Low, MP ↑ Low, Memory ↑ Low, Demonic Beast Knowledge, Skill Sharing, Sorcery

Now then, shall I also inspect the Skills that I’ve obtained here? There’re some Skills that seem considerably useful.

Here’s the first jab. [7] I can save the main Skills for later, so first I’ll use the Softening Skill which seems quite interesting.

『Ohh. I became soft.』

It doesn’t seem to be strong because its level is low, but my blade definitely became soft. [8] When I shake my body, my blade resounds with a *myonmyon*. [9] Interesting.

As for Mimicry and Hardening, I can’t see any effects. As for Instant Regeneration, because I have High-Speed Self-Repair, I wonder if it’ll do anything.

Well, those Skills were only appetizers; now let’s try the main Skills.

『Dimensional Storage: Activate』

It’s the so-called Item Box Skill.

A stone disappears right before my eyes. When I use it again, a stone appears out of thin air.

When I put a bunch of stones and grass inside, a list of stored objects is displayed in my mind. How convenient.

『Now, to test its capacity.』

If the amount’s extremely little, I’ll be quite disappointed. First, I’ll put a bunch of items in to look for the limit.

『Let’s start with this guy.』

I try to store the corpse of the Slime Lord, which was left unattended. Its mass is quite substantial; I think it’d be able to fill about half of a 25 meter swimming pool.

However, I was able to store it in an instant. And yet, it seems that there’s still space remaining.

『As expected of an advanced Demonic Beast’s Skill.』

It doesn’t mean much to me, but I think it’ll be useful for whoever ends up equipping me. For transporting stuff like food, for example.

By the way, once Self-Evolution is activated, my MP and Durability immediately recovers. Thanks to that, I’m completely unhurt. Mental fatigue, however, isn’t reduced.

『I’m tired, let’s hunt in low Areas for the rest of the day.』

[1] There was actually “無傷なのに比べて、” in the middle of this — right after the bit about the goblins — but it’s essentially just Sword-bro repeating himself and being redundant. Its translation is along the lines of “In comparison with being unhurt/flawless”

[2] “Ugee” is essentially “Yuck” うげぇ!

[3] I don’t have to explain what flags are, right?

[4] It mentioned a Skill that roughly provided a “Spatial grasp” of sorts, so I translated it like this. If anyone has a better suggestion, I’d love to hear it! 空間把握と、回避のスキルで、何とか躱す。

[5] See through as in discover it’s a fake — not literally seeing through it.

[6] 瞬天殺法

Thanks to Randonperson for the naming suggestion!

[7] Sword-bro is meaning the boxing jab here, so I think he’s making the point of “weakening the number of Skills he’s obtained from the Slime Lord” here. まずはジャブ。

[8] Soft as in “limp”. It’s 柔らかく

[9] I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that *myonmyon* is a hyperbole for the sound a metal sheet would make if you shook it. ミョンミョン


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