Osstf Central Agreement 2020

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers` Federation (OSSTF) recently reached a new central agreement with the Ontario government in 2020. This agreement lays out the terms and conditions for the working relationship between the teachers` union and the provincial government.

One of the primary objectives of this agreement is to ensure that the educators have fair and safe working conditions, which in turn, positively affects the quality of education delivered to students. Additionally, the new agreement also includes provisions for improved health benefits, support for professional development, and increased job security measures for teachers.

Furthermore, the agreement includes a salary increase of 1 percent annually for the course of the three-year agreement. This means that teachers can expect a modest increase in salary each year throughout the deal. Additionally, the agreement also includes a provision for a $1,500 lump sum payment for eligible teachers in the first year of the agreement.

Another important change in the agreement is the introduction of a new sick leave program. Under the new system, teachers will have access to 11 sick days each year, along with an additional two personal days. This move is aimed at addressing absenteeism among teachers and ensuring that they have adequate time to recover and take care of their health.

Moreover, the agreement also includes measures to address the issue of violence in schools. This includes the creation of a joint committee to develop strategies to address violent incidents in schools, training for educators on how to respond to violent situations, and increased funding for mental health supports for students.

Overall, the new central agreement between OSSTF and the Ontario government is a significant step towards creating a fair and supportive working environment for teachers. Additionally, it also places a greater emphasis on student safety and well-being, which is crucial for creating a positive learning environment.


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