Qantaslink Pilot Agreement

Qantaslink Pilot Agreement: All You Need to Know

The aviation industry has experienced a lot of changes since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Many airlines were forced to cut costs and downsize their operations, leading to massive job losses. However, despite the challenging times, Qantaslink, a subsidiary of Qantas Airways, has managed to secure its employees` future by implementing a new pilot agreement.

The Qantaslink pilot agreement is a comprehensive deal that was negotiated between the Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) and Qantaslink management. The agreement covers more than 600 pilots who operate across the airline`s domestic network, including regional and rural destinations.

The agreement`s primary objective is to ensure job security for Qantaslink pilots by providing them with a stable and predictable work environment. It also seeks to improve their working conditions by making provisions for better pay rates, allowances, and benefits. The agreement also includes several measures that focus on pilots` mental health and well-being, ensuring they have access to support and resources when needed.

One of the most significant aspects of the Qantaslink pilot agreement is the job security provisions. The agreement guarantees that no pilot will be made redundant for the next two years, protecting their livelihoods amid the ongoing pandemic. This provision is crucial for the pilot`s peace of mind, knowing that they can continue to support their families without the fear of losing their jobs.

The agreement also contains provisions for improving pilots` pay rates and allowances. Pilots will receive a 3% pay increase every year for the next three years, which will help them keep up with the rising cost of living. Additionally, the agreement includes a range of allowances, such as travel, night, and meal allowances, to help pilots with their expenses while on duty.

Another important aspect of the Qantaslink pilot agreement is mental health and well-being support. The challenging nature of the pilot`s job can take a toll on their mental health, and the agreement recognizes this. The agreement includes measures to ensure pilots have access to confidential counseling services and other resources to help them manage their mental health.

In conclusion, the Qantaslink pilot agreement is a significant milestone for the airline and its employees. The agreement provides job security, better pay rates, and allowances, and mental health support for its pilots. With this agreement in place, Qantaslink pilots can continue to deliver exceptional service to their passengers while knowing that their jobs are secure.


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