Thames Water Build over Agreements

If you`re planning any type of construction project in the Thames Water region, you may need to consider obtaining a build over agreement. What exactly is a build over agreement, and how can you ensure that you comply with Thames Water`s requirements?

Simply put, a build over agreement is a legal document that is required if you plan to build over or near a public sewer or other underground assets maintained by Thames Water. This includes water mains, sewers, and other pipes that may be under your property.

The purpose of a build over agreement is to ensure that any construction work you carry out does not pose a risk to the integrity or safety of the underground assets that Thames Water is responsible for. It also ensures that Thames Water can gain access to these assets if necessary, without any obstruction from your construction work.

So, what do you need to do to obtain a build over agreement? The first step is to contact Thames Water and provide details of your proposed construction work. This includes the location of the work, the depth of the foundations, and any relevant drawings or plans.

Thames Water will then carry out a survey of the area to ensure that there are no existing assets that could be affected by your construction work. If there are, Thames Water will advise you on how to proceed. If there are no issues, Thames Water will provide you with a build over agreement.

It`s important to note that obtaining a build over agreement can take some time, so it`s important to factor this into your construction schedule. You should also ensure that you comply with any conditions set out by Thames Water in the agreement.

If you carry out construction work without a build over agreement, you could be liable for any damage caused to Thames Water`s underground assets. This could be costly, time-consuming, and could cause delays to your construction project.

In summary, if you`re planning any type of construction work in the Thames Water region, it`s important to consider whether you need a build over agreement. By doing so, you can ensure that you comply with Thames Water`s requirements and avoid any potential legal or financial issues in the future.


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